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FS300 Deluxe, Multi-Use Surface Preparator™ - Gas
“Up-cut” drum for best power and tracking control.

Professional stripers use the EZOFF™ to do more work with less effort and capital expense. One operator can now sit in comfort, with great site-lines, and remove up to 1 mph (up to 10" wide) then transport to and from the job at speeds over 10 mph. After the job is completed, the system can be broken down and lifted into a pick-up.
Part Number Part Number
MSRP Price *MSRP (Click Here)
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Best for Power
13/14HP Scarifier & 5/6HP Sulky
Best for Removal
up to 14" wide, 3/8" depth/pass
Best for Speed
up to 5280 LF/Hr (approx)
Alternative Products Alternative Machines
Unit Weight Unit Weight - lb (kg)
610 lbs (276.6kg)
Unit Dimensions Unit Dimensions
85" L x 34" W x 48" H
Usually Ships Usually Ships
1-4 weeks
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Specifications Specifications and data are subject to change without notice.
EZOFF Removal System
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  • Removal Tool Options

  • Applications

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  • Manuals & Videos

Drum Rotation & Power Options
Cutter Rotation (Down, Up, Rotary)
Gas (HP) + (Drive HP)
Propane Option
Electric (HP) + (Drive HP)
Air or Hydraulic

Cutter Drum / Tool Choices
Carbide Pin (Bit) Cutters
Diamond Shavers, Groovers
Tungsten Carbide Milling Picks
Carbide Scrapers, Millers
4N1 Carbide
300-Hour Carbide
Carbide Flails
Steel Flails (Beam or Stars)
Prep-it℠ Strips
Wire Brush

Standard Specifications
Removal width / pass (inches - mm)
up to 14" (355.6mm)
Removal width / pass (inches - mm) Swivel Engaged
Removal depth / pass (inches - mm)
up to 3/8" (9.525mm)
Hourly Production Rate (LF) (approx.)
Height (inches - mm)
48" (1219.2mm)
Width (inches - mm)
34" (863.6mm)
Length (inches - mm)
85" (2159mm)
Weight (lbs) (without drum, attachments)
Variable depth adjustment
Engage Cam Lever
Pressure Controls
Weight Plates
Vacuum Port with Containment Shroud
Cutter Shaft OD
3/4" (19.05mm)
Bushed Drums
Quantity Wheels
Feathering Caster
Remote Power Shut-Off
Ergonomic (Vibration Dampening) Handlebar
Side-Loading Cutter Drums
Drive System (Direct or # of belts)
Bearings Sealed (1) or Serviceable (2)
Manual, Self-Propel or Ride-On

Available Equipment Options
Optional Water Control
Optional Water Tank
Parking Brake - Standard vs. Optional

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Best for quickly removing pavement markers or groove-inlay at controlled depths and widths, as well as surface prep on asphalt or concrete surfaces. Used by Striping Contractors, Municipalities or Concrete Contractors looking for cost-effective high production.

WHY IT REMOVES SO FAST: The “Up-Cut” cutter head direction on the EZ-OFF™ provides the most power and tracking control when scarifying or surface prepping. You’ll notice the same “reverse set” up-cut power when using the Smith SPS10℠ machine and pulling it backwards. Unfortunately, this method quickly exhausted the operator, until now. The EZ-OFF™ Removal System is a smart way to start doing more with less effort. Your workers will thank you – and so will your bottom line.

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