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SMITH Manufacturing products are a sustainable (green product) because the waste materials it produces can be recycled. In an effort to create a more sustainable workplace, we found 20 Green opportunities that we are putting into practice. If you have other ways to recycle, reduce and reuse in your workplace, please share them with us.

Ideas for a Sustainable Workplace:

1. Set up an intranet, which are Web pages on your private network. Use these to electronically store items like firm policies and procedures, human relations documents, employee benefits, phone directories and other internal documents.
2. Use e-mail instead of mail delivery services.
3. Review documents online instead of printing them out.
4. Bank and pay bills online.
5. Encourage employees to use payroll direct deposit.
6. Turn off the lights when you leave. And shut down your printers, faxes and computers.
7. Stock your office's kitchen with reusable ceramic plates and mugs rather than paper.
8. Review your energy use.
SMITH going Green
9. Refer clients to your Web site instead of sending out brochures.
10. Use software to develop electronic work papers and/or to setup an imaging and document management system.
11. Change all newspaper and magazine subscriptions from paper to online versions.
12. Actively reduce and manage junk mail.
13. Receive faxes electronically.
14. Send clients your newsletter via e-mail instead of paper.
15. Get smart about recycling and find ways to recycle, reduce, and reuse.
16. Send bills via e-mail or fax instead of mail to clients who will accept it.
17. Use compact fluorescent or LED lights throughout the office.
18. Get lighting motion sensors for offices, conference rooms and bathrooms.
19. Collect all dust from removal operations and recycle back into asphalt or concrete.
20. Keep your AC filters clean, use a thermostat timer and keep equipment serviced.
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