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If you need assistance with Cutter Drum Assemblies for your equipment or a SMITH, please complete the information below or contact SMITH at 954-941-9744. Thank you.
A Cutter Drum Assembly consists of a cutter drum, retaining plate(s), hardware, cutters, spacers, shafts and bushings (if required), all assembled in the desired cutting width and removal finish set-up pattern.

Types of Cutter Drums:
When selecting a Cutter Drum (Cure-it℠, Prep-it℠, Finish-it℠, Flail-it℠, Strip-it℠, Mill-it℠, Scrape-it℠, Plane-it℠ or Grind-it℠ drums), professionals review the SMITH Removal Selection Guide℠ and Cutter Selection Guide to determine the best Cutter Drum for their equipment, job and removal objectives.

Each Cutter Drum Assembly has its own unique part number by (1) equipment make, (2) model, (3) cutter type, (4) set-up width, and (5) removal finish (coarse, medium, fine).

Since 1990, professionals use SMITH's ultra-premium quality OEM cutter drum assemblies because they perform best. SMITH cutter drum assemblies are available for most scarifiers, planers, traffic line removers, crack chasers, routers and grinders.

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