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If you need assistance with rebuilding your existing Cutter Drum Assemblies for your equipment or a SMITH, please complete the information below, or contact SMITH at 1-954-941-9744. Thank you.

A Drum Rebuild kit consists of all the wear components for your machine’s cutter drum to include cutters, spacers, shafts and bushings (if required). A cutter drum, hardware or retaining plate(s) are not included, but may be ordered separately.

Types of Cutter Rebuild kits:
There are a variety of Cutter Rebuild kits, with each having its own unique part number by (1) equipment make and (2) model, (3) cutter type, (4) set-up width and (5) removal finish.

Why are they ordered:
Professionals always have a second cutter drum assembly on the job for quick change-outs to eliminate downtime. Because the SMITH Cutter Drums last so long, they also stock a Drum Rebuild Kit at their shop to rebuild the drum they have just replaced.

SMITH Manufactures ultra-premium quality℠ OEM Drum Rebuild kits for most scarifiers, planers, traffic line removers, crack chasers, routers and grinders since 1990.

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