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Need parts for your equipment?

Contractors rely on SMITH OEM replacement parts and cutters for their scarifiers, planers, routers, scabblers, line removers and grinders to help them earn more to remove faster with better surface finishes.

Why does SMITH manufacture and/or source high performance parts for competitive removal equipment?

When our customers ask us to find a better way to keep their competitive machines working? We listen. Our engineering and production team meets weekly to discuss ways to help our customers find solutions by building a better component or sourcing a more cost-effective alternative. Whether it’s a more consistent finish, making components last longer or keeping an old clunker running, we are always looking for ways to solve problems.

If you are looking to improve your existing remover’s performance, contact your authorized SMITH Representative for the right OEM parts for your equipment.

If you need to order parts now, please contact us.





Looking to remove faster?

If Removing Markings Faster is a crime then we plead guilty.

Take the FREE Removal Analysis and Do more with less.

If the way you are now removing is exactly where you want it to be, if you’re not interested in making any more money than you currently do or improving the results of your removal operations by fine-tuning your operations to make it more efficient, then read no further. We don’t want to waste your time.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to improve your operations or earn more removing faster, safer and more cost effectively with better surface finishes, then we have good news for you. You are just minutes away from learning what you need to do in order to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

We’re not going to kid you. What we have to offer is not a magic pill. It does take some effort on your part. But it’s a lot less effort than continuing to do what you are doing now. And here’s the best part: We’re going to make it super easy and risk-free for you to get started. Just click here for a FREE Removal Analysis.

There is no obligation, no risk and no cost to you, just three steps to help you start Removing Faster Now:

1. Sign up for your FREE Removal Analysis and take the short test.
2. Receive your Operations Grade for equipment, removal tools and technical skills.
3. Schedule a meeting with your Removal coach to help you set goals with milestones to improving your grade to get where you
want to be.

REMOVE FASTER is not just SMITH’s brand promise, it’s our identity. Everything we do at SMITH is designed to help our customers remove faster while achieving better surface finishes. We know that when our customers succeed, so do we. We know that jobs run smoother when the right equipment, personnel and suppliers are all working towards a common goal. Whether your goal is to remove coatings on roadways with minimal grooves or undulations, or to groove-inlay the substrate prior to striping, we can help you find the right solution.

Free Removal Analysis will help you Remove Faster
Do you have what it takes to compete?

If you would like to Remove Faster using your existing equipment or a SMITH, we can help with a Free, no-obligation Removal Analysis. The Removal Analysis helps determine if you have “what it takes” to compete using your existing equipment and operations.

Just complete this simple worksheet and return via fax at 954.545.0348 or call us at 800.653.9311 so we can identify solutions so you can remove faster, safer and more cost-effectively. Click here to sign-up


Have a job to do and need help?

If you currently have or are planning a surface-preparation, traffic line removal, groove or inlay job, we can help.

Why? Since 1990, professionals have asked SMITH for assistance with cutters, removers, parts or support. All in an effort to complete the job on-time and under budget.

There are many resources available. For starters, here are three contractors use to help them make better removal decisions:

1. If you own a machine and need cutters or replacement parts, click here for the removal selection guide

2. If you are looking to upgrade or add to your removal equipment fleet, click here to speak to an expert

3. If you are looking for best practices through experience sharing, consider joining the Xtreme Removal Team

Got Cutters?
If you have enough cutters, drums, machines and wear components to complete your jobs, then you are either an experienced professional or may not have enough removal work. If you don’t have enough consumables or work and would like to investigate a better way to remove-it faster, click here for assistance.

Looking for work or help?
If you are looking for assistance in completing your surface preparation, groove-inlay and stripe removal projects on-time, please give SMITH a call. If you are looking for work, click here and we will try to help you find some. If you have too much work, we can recommend a solution.

Durable Markings Survey
If you did not receive the survey results from your professional striping and surface-prep professional peers on “the best removal method for thermoplastic, epoxy and paint while leaving the best finish on concrete or asphalt?” Click here

SMITH Brand Promise
Now more than ever, it’s important to invest in secure partnerships. Credibility, Stability, Trust. Qualities in short supply these days, but ones to hold on to tightly when you find them. Knowing that SMITH is built on solid fundamentals, the SMITH mission is to help you untap the opportunities you have to best serve your customers with the SMITH brand promise. SMITH will help you remove faster, safer, more cost-effectively with better surface finishes using their existing equipment or a SMITH.


Choosing the right equipment?

If you are looking to buy or rent a machine, let us help you select the right machine for the right job.

Professionals rely on a SMITH to help them earn more, removing faster with better surface finishes.

If you work on concrete or asphalt roadways, parking areas, sidewalks, floors, balconies and decks, a SMITH is the preferred choice by professionals to:

- Remove walkway trip-hazards or uneven surfaces
- Wipe-out flaking paints and coatings
- Surface-Prep overlayments for lasting surface bonds
- Groove or grind into surfaces
- Erase stripes without grooves or undulations.
- Eliminate water pooling and edge flow lines
- Abrade non-skids and increase surface traction.
- Eradicate glues, surface marks and material build-ups
- Mill, Plane, Reduce, Route, Scabble, Cut, Clean and more

To select the right machine to fit your job and budget, many professionals refer to the Removal Selection Guide to help them through the process. If you know what you want, start off with Removal Equipment in the Products section to get started

If you are looking to find a qualified contractor for services, a rental house for equipment or an authorized SMITH Reseller, let us help you find the right company.

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