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15 Steps to Quality Removal

15 Steps to Assure Quality Removal Performance

15 steps to quality removal performance


  1. Sweep the surface clean of any dirt and debris and note on job log any obstructions  (A, C)
  2. Remove any metal objects that may come in contact with the cutters or equipment  (B)
  3. Map the surface preparator route carefully marking the surface conditions, high spots and low spots
  4. Select the correct profile range (SP#1 – SP10) required for the final surface finish (E)
  5. Select the right equipment, cutter assembly and removal process to achieve the desired profile pattern (F)
  6. Connect a HEPA vacuum system to the removal equipment with a separate collection wand (G)
  7. Inspect the removal equipment is properly maintained and ready to complete the job
  8. Assure that all operators are trained on the use of the removal and vacuum equipment, as well as using all safety gear
  9. Select an area to test the depth of cut, removal direction and travel rate to dial in the correct profile
  10. When the correct setting is approved, note details in daily job log (D) and keep speed and depth consistent
  11. During removal assure that the vacuum is collecting all airborne materials and the dust collection wand is picking up all left materials
  12. Inspect frequently depth of cut and removal pattern for a consistent selected profile pattern and note details in log
  13. During operation, check frequently that all equipment and wear components are in good working condition and replace (prior to any breakage) with stocked wear components
  14. After work is completed, perform ASTM surface tests, note any surface that has micro-cracked and and obtain repair work authorization
  15. Clean and dry surface thoroughly, then obtain approval for the surface preparation removal phase prior to the next step

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your SMITH Representative.

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