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Archive for February, 2010

Graco Grindlazer vs SMITH Surface Preparator Comparison Chart

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Graco GRINDlazer vs. SMITH SPS Series


The following is a comparison between the SMITH Surface Preparators (SPS8, SPS10 and EZOFF SPS10) vs. the Graco GRINDlazer.

The Graco model was first introduced January 22, 2010. The GRINDlazer is actually a much older-generation SMITH SPS10 Surface Preparator that was copied and given a new appearance. It includes a wrap-around frame, air-filled tires, and a lightweight paint machine handlebar frame, a quickly made coupler to lift and drop the grinder head to the surface when pushing forward with the main selling benefit being less vibration for the operator.screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-12-40-17-pm

Why Graco selected the name GRINDlazer is a mystery. Owners of pavement surfaces do not want their surfaces damaged when the stripe is removed. The name GRINDlazer implies surface grinding. While grinding may be best for surface-prep applications prior to striping, removing the stripe without micro-cracking or damaging the road requires a completely different process called rotary erasing, available here.  If you are looking for an easy, fast, and cost-effective scarifier, there are a variety of makes and models from which to choose.

Here is a video of the GRINDlazer machine in use. Notice how it can operate in only one direction. After 6 grinding passes, much of the paint (with deep scarring) remains. Photos of that same demonstration are available here.

Operators who purchased a GRINDlazer were happy with the look, but then noticed these issues when used:

  1. The Graco has limited applications – stripe removal only where there are no curbing obstructions. (due to the wrap-around framing limiting cut distance in the front, rear, and side of machines)
  2. The Graco pneumatic tires, located outside the cutting drum, prevents uniform removal (impossible to control depth of cut in low spots and the air-filled tires cause the cutting drum to bounce)
  3. The Graco will not remove in both forward and reverse direction (required for normal production)
  4. The Graco “insta-cut”depth setting is poorly designed  (breaks often and is expensive to maintain)
  5. The Graco requires 2X more passes to remove vs. a traditional scarifier, or 3X more than a SMITH

When selecting a scarifier, shaver or planer,  these are some of the important considerations:

  1. A balanced, weight over drum, no-bounce scarifier that can remove any type of materials on flat or uneven concrete or asphalt surfaces, using a variety of cutter options to achieve any removal finish from CSP 3 – CSP 10 with consistent depths and widths
  2. A removal system that removes in both the forward and backwards position with the cutting drum on the surface at all times, doubling production while getting very close to curbs or obstructions
  3. A portable, compact removal machine that can be pushed, pulled, and attached to a Sulky rider, with or without an up-cut carriage
  4. A machine that is built in the USA with at least 10 years best professional contractor service record selected, costing under $0.05/sf to operate and maintain

The following is a comparison chart of the Grindlazer models compared to the original SMITH models:


  GRINDlazer  270 GRINDlazer 390 GRINDlazer 480
Engine HP 9 HP 13 HP 16 HP – Upcut
Electric start No No No
Cut width 8” 10” 10”
Cut distance to curb 24” front/8” side 24” front/8” side 24” front/8” side
Model introduced February 2010 February 2010 February 2010
Removal action Forward only Forward only Forward only
Applications Stripe removal Stripe removal Stripe removal
Maintenance cost High Higher Highest
Removal rate (walk) 600 SF/HR 800 SF/HR N/A
Removal rate (ride) 1300 SF/HR 1700 SF/HR 2100 SF/HR
Weight (lbs.) 340 lbs. 440 lbs. 470 lbs.
Cost with flails call for pricing call for pricing call for pricing
Cost with milling call for pricing call for pricing call for pricing
Cost  5” diamonds N/A N/A call for pricing
Cost  10” diamonds N/A N/A call for pricing


Engine HP 9HP Honda 14HP Subaru 20HP Subaru
Electric start No Yes Yes
Cut width 8” 10” 10”
Cut distance to curb 6” front/2” side 6” front/2” side 18” front/6” side
Model introduced 1990 1995 1999
Removal action Forward/reverse Forward/reverse Forward/reverse
Applications ALL ALL ALL
Maintenance cost $0.05/SF $0.06 /SF $0.07/SF
Removal rate (walk) 700 SF/HR 900 SF/HR 1000 SF/HR
Removal rate (ride) 1500 SF/HR 2000 SF/HR 2500 SF/HR
Weight (lbs.) 260 lbs. 280 lbs. 400 lbs.
Cost with flails Call for best prices Call for best prices Call for best prices
Cost with milling Call for best prices Call for best prices Call for best prices
Cost  5” diamonds N/A Call for best prices Call for best prices
Cost  10” diamonds N/A Call for best prices Call for best prices

SMITH is not affiliated with Graco and the information obtained was observational and the results may differ depending upon product usage. Specification and data are subject to change without notice. For more information, please contact your SMITH Representative.

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