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Archive for September, 2014

Heros of the Highways, the Striper

Monday, September 1st, 2014
Salute our Stripers this Memorial Day, our Work Zone Warriers

Salute our Stripers this Memorial and every Day.  They are our Work-Zone Warriors protecting us from harms way.

Dear Mr and Mrs. Striper,

I deeply appreciate the work you do in protecting life and property through your very dangerous work in making our roadways safer despite being in harms way.

I promise to treat you with the dignity and respect by slowing down and cheering  for you every time I enter your work-zone just as I do when I meet a uniformed soldier.

Just as the soldier protects us in foreign lands, you protect us at home, working in the world’s most dangerous environment, the work-zone.  Both the Striper and the Soldier protect, serve and keep us safe from the enemy.  I will do my part to  help change the mindset of my friends and family to properly thank our Work Zone Warriors, the Striper, for their great service in making our country safe.

Thank you and God Bless our Heros of the Highways.

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