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SMITH 2015 Holiday Headlines to Help You Remove Faster

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Holiday Headlines to Help You Remove Faster

Happy Holidays Bond 2015

Holiday Hours

All of us at SMITH wish you a happy holiday season with deeper, lasting bonds in 2016.  In observance, our offices will be closed from:

Thursday, December 24 – 1:00pm EST to Monday, December 28 – 8:00am EST
and Thursday, December 31 – 2:00pm EST to Monday, January 4 – 8:00am EST

Throughout the holidays and every day of the year, SMITH will be monitoring our phones and email, ready to assist with all your removal needs.

holidayGiving Back to YOU

During the holidays, we reflect on how fortunate it is to be in a position of giving. We are humbled to serve our customers, and are most thankful for the many families we support.

As our tradition of giving this season continues, these charities will receive a special donation in honor of you, our friends and family.


The Gift of SMITH

Stumped on the perfect gift for your hard working employees? Show them you appreciate their efforts with easier to useSMITH equipment to help them remove faster in 2016.  Order now or reserve your SMITH just n time for your next removal project by clicking here.


2016 “Lasting Bond” Tour

Look for SMITH in 2016 as our “Lasting Bond” Tour travels close to your town! See the latest in removal equipment and cutter tools, designed to help make your surfaces safer and last longer. We will show you how to achieve the right surface profile for lasting bonds. Here’s a short list of the towns and events we will visit. Looking to get away from the harsh winter? We invite you to come visit our factory in sunny South Florida!


Website Changes

We are in the process of making our website easier for you to get the products and technical support you need to remove faster. You can check out the changes here, and offer your feedback on ways we can improve your experience. 



Shave Time with your SMITH FS351 Diamond Shaver

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

shave time

WHO: Professional flooring contractors will earn more with a SMITH FS351 Shaver by cutting their time to prepare concrete floors

HOW: SMITH Dealers need to demonstrate the SMITH FS351 on their flooring jobs and if it does not save them time, we will give them a $100.00 savings coupon for SMITH removers, cutters or parts.

WHAT: The SMITH FS351 Diamond SHAVERS are the newest tool offerings that help flooring contractors reduce their labor, equipment and material costs significantly over traditional diamond grinding or scarification. SHAVERS look like traditional concrete scarifiers, but instead of a drum outfitted with flailing cutters, it has a series of stacked diamond blades assembled on a drum that rotates more than two times faster.

The SMITH FS351 Concrete Shaver is a self-propelled machine had the most power (20 HP) and widest removal width (16″) from any competitive model. “The ability to prepare multiple surface with a variety of cutter drums and the precision of the removal controls was the biggest advantage”

The SMITH FS351 is a model in the FS3 Series built by SMITH Manufacturing in Pompano Beach, Florida.

SMITH is a leading manufacturer of high performance surface preparation equipment and cutter tools designed to help hard working contractors remove faster, easier and cost-effective. The FS3 series consists of the walk-behind FS300, the self-propelled FS351, and the skid-attachment FS391 surface-preparation drum-style machines, powered by electric, gas, propane or hydraulics, for use with a scarifier flail cutter at low RPM, or as a diamond shaver at high RPM speeds.FS3 Series Diamond and Scarification Drums

SPECS: The SMITH FS351 equipment is capable of at least a 16″ width groove in a single pass using Dry-cut diamond segmented multi-surface blades stacked or ganged on an arbor, Tungsten carbide planing picks or Tungsten carbide flail cutters on a drum. The SMITH FS351 equipment is a hydraulic drive system with variable speed controls to ensure uniform and consistent width, depth, straightness and surface finish.

When using diamond blades, the arbor is capable of mounting a variety of blade types designed for the surface hardness and treatment of the target medium. The cutting blade package will vertically cut a controlled groove of specified width and depth with special emphasis on the groove base or bed. The base is to be profiled flat or with slight lateral undulations (less than a 10 mil rise variance in the SP profile scale (SP1 – SP10) per the installed marking material requirement. The spacer gap between each stacked blade shall be such that will produce less than a 10 mil rise variance in the finished groove between the blades. The equipment shall be capable of quickly field replacing diamond drum arbors in less than 15 minutes.

The SMITH FS351 eFS351 pitch cut-depthcontrolsquipment includes a twin independent pitch and depth control mechanism along the cutter drum axis to hold uniform depth consistencies for single and multiple inline passes without continual operator adjustment. This allows a repeatable seamless overlap for one or multiple passes to complete the final specified groove width and length. Control mechanisms shall be capable of adjustments as fine as .010″ (10 mils) minimum.

The SMITH FS351 equipment will contain all airborne dust from the shaving or grooving operations in a HEPA filtrated to protect operators and work environment. The removed material can be extracted from the grooved slot with a secondary vacuum hose attached to the equipment. Any remaining materials can be collected with a secondary operation.

WHERE and WHEN: To help you take advantage of shaving time now, SMITH is now offering a special incentive to anyone purchasing the SMITH FS351 Diamond Shaver by end of year. (12/31/2015).  Receive a free SMITH FS200 2HP 110v Deluxe scarifier with flail-it carbide cutter drum assembly with each purchase of $20,000.00 or more.

WHY? If you don’t have the funds to purchase the SMITH FS351 diamond Shaver, consider the SMITH manual SPS10 Diamond Shaver or tell your business associates that are struggling to finish their flooring projects in time, to purchase a SMITH and receive a $500.00 SMITH credit (good for 1 year to purchase any SMITH machine, cutter or part from your Authorized SMITH Reseller).

Learn More:   Contact your SMITH Representative here for details and pricing to save time on your flooring jobs.

Remove Faster News Thanksgiving 2015

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015


Headlines to Help you Remove Faster

Thanksgiving 2015:  We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.   In keeping with tradition, our offices will be closed on Nov 26 but will reopen the following day to quickly assist you with your removal requirements.

New Removal Tools for 2016: The SMITH Engineering and Production teams have been hard at work delivering innovative surface-prep tools to help you remove faster on concrete or asphalt. Here’s just 4 of the many new SMITH tools you can have under your tree this Christmas.

(1) The Automated Engagement System (AES)


One of the frustrations with operating walk-behind surface preparation and traffic line removal equipment is not being able to precisely control the start and stop of each removal pass. Traditional cam levers used to raise and lower the cutters to the surface are awkward to use. They require taking your hands off the handle to raise or lower the cutting head, compromising the final profile finish.

Introducing AES, the Automated Engagement System for new or existing SMITH LNX8 Rotary Erasers and SMITH SPS10 EZOFF Removal Systems. AES is a game-changer in removal,  a simple one-button push control that will effortlessly begin and end each removal pass while maintaining precise SP1-SP10 surface finish profiles. AES can be added to any existing LNX8 Eraser and EZOFF with SR-25 Driver.  To add an AES to your existing SMITH,  please speak to your SMITH Representative .

indexable(2) The 8-edge Indexable Insert Flat-Cutting Drum (8eI2)

If you are looking to prep, groove, remove or bump grind while leaving a super-flat smooth surface finish, please read on.

SMITH has introduced a new adjustable-width cutter drum with indexable inserts and 8-cutting edges called “8eI2”. This new Drum is designed for use on most stripe-removal trucks and SMITH walk-behind drum-style removers. It’s a flat-cutting action drum assembly that can accomplish groove-inlay, shaving, surface-prep, coating, and traffic line removal quickly. The 8eI2 is available in TCT or PCD cutting squares with  8 (1″ wide) cutting edges in drums up to 16″ wide. When one sharp-edge 8eI2 square dulls, simply rotate to a new sharp edge. The 8eI2 drum assembly can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of competitive single-side flat cutting drums.  To learn if 8eI2 is right for you, speak to your SMITH Representative.


(3) PCD Aggressive Shredding Stripper (PCD-ASS)

PCDThe X Series Rotary Eraser (X1, X# and LNX8) now can remove faster with a new tool, called the PCD Aggressive Shredding Stripper (PCD-ASS).  It is the perfect tool to remove Elastomerics, Waterproof Membranes, and Tenacious Deck and Floor Coatings.  The PCD-ASS are engineered to quickly take-off hard to remove coatings and membranes. For details on using your grinders or a SMITH with a PCD-ASS , contact us here.

FS391-zoom(4) FS391 Heavy-Duty Skid Steer Attachment Removal System

Surface-Prep and Line Removal Contractors looking for a faster, easier and cost-effective method to quickly prepare concrete and asphalt surfaces will not be dissapointed in 2016. The all new SMITH FS391 is an all-purpose, all-in-one next generation removal tool that works as hard as you do.  To reserve your FS391 for 2016, please contact your SMITH Representative now.

Year-End Holiday Savings Event

Your SMITH Representative has best pricing just for you on remaining 2015 inventory, used equipment, select 2016 models, scratch-and-dent, and demo models with available financing options.   To get your hands on a SMITH before the end of year to take advantage of your section 179 tax savings, click here

Removal Checkup and Workshop

Are you getting paid for the removal work you are giving away? If you would like to see Surface Preparation become more important in your business, click here then take this 5 minute Removal Checkup.

We want to hear from you!  Please let us know how we can best serve and help you Remove Faster in 2016 by contacting us here.

Happy Thanksgiving from all your friends at SMITH Manufactuirng

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