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Archive for July, 2015

Meet the SMITH Surface Preparation Specialist

Monday, July 13th, 2015

We invite you to meet the SMITH Manufacturing, Surface Preparation Specialist.

The SMITH Specialist helps make the hard surface-prep work you do become much faster and easier so you can create safer, sustainable surfaces for your customers.

Here’s how:

After defining the surface preparation work, the SMITH Specialist will help the installer get to “surface preparation  readiness “, so the work can be completed correctly, the first time.

Getting to proper surface preparation readiness is essential.  Workers that are prepared and ready before the job starts are successful in completing their jobs on-time and on-budget. Getting to readiness, takes time and effort, but the end results of successfully applied coatings, markings, repair or overlay material that last are well worth the effort.

Proper Prep Work:

Proper surface preparation work is NOT surface cleaning with a broom, mop, air-blower or pressure cleaner.  This cleaning work is easy to do but does nothing to improve the bond strength of installations.

Proper surface preparation work, what we call SMITHing is the deployment of the correct rotary or drum-style impact equipment, outfitted with the right cutter tools and applied by trained workers.  This essential work will physically change the existing surface condition to a structurally sound profiled condition.  The final surface condition will have the correct SP 1- SP10 profile finish, so the new coatings, markings, overlays and repair materials will attach itself into the prepared substrate surface pores mechanically.

Mechanical vs Chemical Bonding defined

Chemical bonding is when atoms of two materials swap or share electrons at the joint at very small distances – less than a nanometer. This means these bonds are fairly brittle, since the surfaces then need to be kept close together.

Mechanical bonding allows for deep interlocking (think velcro) as materials filling the voids or pores (created by a scarifier, shaver or planer) of the surfaces form a large scale mechanical bond. This mechanical bonding assures the new overlay materials become one with the surface and stay permanently in place even under the harshest of temperature changes and the heaviest of traffic and wheel shearing conditions.

Getting the prep work clearly defined as a mechanical process to obtain the right SP suitable for the newly applied materials is essential on contracts. To assure the work will be performed, it should be inspected prior to the new coating installation then paid for as a separate line item. Failure to spend the prep pennies today results in costly repair dollars tomorrow. The SMITH Specialist will work with all parties, from operator to agency, to help everyone better understand the proper surface-prep work investment payouts.

Why Professional Contractors Buy SMITH

SMITH Manufacturing has been building surface-prep equipment since 1990 with a singular mission “to help make the hard work of surface preparation faster and easier for contractors to create safer sustainable surfaces for their customers”.

The Pompano Beach, Florida factory is home to innovative designers and skilled craftsman who build the very best in quality high production surface preparation equipment. The location quickly serves customers worldwide.  If you visit SMITH, you’ll have a chance to see equipment in production or design. Visitors can participate in hands-on demonstration or how-to training programs. They also can also receive a Free Removal Analysis or attend a SMITH University program.

If you can’t visit, SMITH invites anyone to join the Xtreme Removal Team, sign-up for the Remove Faster Newsletter or join SMITH on Linked-in, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.  All of these touchpoint channels are designed to improve the customer experience when using SMITH or competitive brand surface-pre equipment.

SMITH Manufacturing’s founder, Steven Smith, works daily to raise awareness on the costs of improper prep work and benefits of proper surface prep work. His efforts help create new jobs for clients and sustainable surfaces for everyone to benefit. A former applications contractor and coatings manufacturer, Steven knows first-hand that a properly applied coating, stripe or overlay will only last as long as the surface to which it was applied. He encourages everyone to join him in elevating industry standards that are long overdue.

SMITH Removal Equipment and Cutters

Everyday workers are using SMITH cutters and equipment to successfully remove concrete trip hazards on sidewalks safely. SMITH equipment is used by stripers and agencies to eradicate striping without leaving surface scars or ghost lines on airports, roadways and parking areas.  In snow country, SMITH equipment is used to properly recess a cut-width and depth prior to installing groove-inlay markings below the snowplow line.  Prior to concrete surface polishing operations, a SMITH Diamond Shaver is used to quickly prepare surfaces without micro cracking to reduce the cost of the final polishing operations.

A SMITH is used for every type of surface preparation treatment from leveling high-spots, treat spalled concrete and blistered asphalt to remove failed coatings and surface contaminants.  For overlays, coverings or repair materials, a SMITH will leave the surface with the right surface profile without micro-cracking.  Your SMITH Specialist can help you correctly identify your surface and recommend a best surface treatment solution using your equipment or a SMITH.

SMITH quality removal equipment fits every size job and budget. The hand-held FS050 Drum and FS150 Rotary Scarifiers are used to prepare small and hard to reach areas.  The FS and SPS Drum Style scarifiers, planers and shavers are the world’s most popular drum style multi-use walk-behind, self-propel and ride-on prep equipment.

The popular SMITH No-Groove X-Series Rotary Erasers are an cost-effective alternative to water blasting. The rotary erasers will not undermine or scar the surface, unlike high pressure water.

Owners of Bobcat-style skid steers can attach the the SMITH X1 or X3 rotary erasers or the SMITH FS391 combo shaver-planer-scarifier to speed up their surface-prep work. For high production work, the front bumper of work trucks can be outfitted with a SMITH gas powered attachment. Larger trucks can side-mount multiple SMITH X3 or FS391 attachments on carriages.

The SMITH Sulky Power Drivers are an effortless way to make the removal process much faster and easier. Workers simply attach the SMITH SR-25 driver to the ball hitch of any manual push striper, grinder, saw, eradicator, blower for effortless  work.

For dust-free applications it is recommended to always use a vacuum system. The SMITH HEPA Vacuum system is portable and available in gas or electric to quickly attache to any SMITH for a dust-free clean surface-prep removal operation.

Owners of competitive brand machines looking for better results are encouraged to speak to a SMITH Specialist. A SMITH Specialist will assist in selecting the right ultra-premium life cutters and drum assemblies and best removal practices to reduce job costs and time requirements. To learn more about the SMITH complete line of products, please visit the SMITH website or contact one of the SMITH Specialist here.

Applying the SMITH exclusive 5-step Proven Process

When you work with a SMITH Specialist, you’ll benefit from the exclusive 5-step Proven Process (Listening, Advising, Executing, Solving and Supporting) designed to help clients become “surface-prep ready.” The process begins with the Free Removal Analysis, followed up by executing requests, problem solving and continuous support assuring long-term prep success.

Serving the surface-prep business since 1990, has benefited both the SMITH client with new job opportunities and their customers with safer, sustainable surfaces.  Agencies, contractors, resellers, manufacturers and owners have benefited from their SMITHing experience. Please contact the many satisfied SMITH clients and ask them why they buy SMITH.

If you don’t do the work yourself and are looking for surface-prep specifications or a recommendation on the right qualified contractor or authorized SMITH reseller , please visit the SMITH website or contact one of the SMITH Specialist here.

In Closing, here are 5 takeaways:

  1. Proper surface-prep work (cleaned, profiled and sound) assures that installations you install will perform.
  2. To get the surface-prep work done properly, the work must be properly specified, paid for and inspected before coatings, markings overlays or repair materials are installed.
  3. SMITH has been building the very best in prep removal equipment for every size concrete and asphalt surface preparation job continuously in Broward County Florida since 1990.
  4. The SMITH  5-step Proven Process (Listening, Advising, Executing, Solving and Supporting) helps SMITH customers get “surface-prep ready and prepared” for sustainable  prep success.
  5. SMITH Specialists can help make the hard prep work faster and easier for installers while elevating safer and sustainable surfaces that benefit everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about SMITH Manufacturing.  For assistance on your current and future projects, please visit the SMITH website or contact one of the SMITH Specialist here.

Get a SMITH Faster without an Attendant – Independence Day Celebration

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

For years, a SMITH picked up every customer’s call. And life was great. As the company grew, so did the calls. One day, a phone salesman said buy this phone system to make life easier.

Two years later, the phone system was not easy for our customers.

In celebration of Independence Day, we will be liberating our customers from our phone attendant. Simply call during office hours ( 8am – 5:30pm EST) to speak directly to a SMITH and bypass the machine.

After 25 years of building the world’s fastest and easiest removal machines and cutters, we now found an easier way to get one. Thank you Steve Richey.

Phone: 954-941-9744
Toll-Free: 800-653-9311new-year-fireworks-over-the-road-220x176

Happy Independence Day !

Our offices will be closed tomorrow but looking forward to speaking to you on Monday.

Celebrate joyously with a designated driver.

Best removal

Steven Smith

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