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Archive for September, 2015

ATSSA Prep Before Stripe Workshop

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Stripers and Agencies


ATSSA will be holding a workshop at the next annual convention in New Orleans. We are soliciting all striping contractors and government agencies to participate.

Please forward your questions and comments regarding prep-before-stripe work to the moderator at

Title of the workshop:

“Before the Striping: Roadway Surface Preparation: A time-consuming service that’s worth a charge because it extends the life of the pavement marking.”

Workshop description:

Many times, a pavement-marking company will be awarded a contract, only to find out the surface preparation phase was an afterthought, if it had been given any consideration at all. As a result, time, money, and manpower are utilized – often times without financial compensation – to adequately prepare the surface for the pavement-marking application.

The following panel of experts will discuss the time and effort that goes into properly preparing a roadway surface before the pavement marking is applied, and why it should be a critical first phase of any pavement-marking job. The panel will also discuss ways to ensure that surface preparation is included in the contract.

Workshop Date and Time: 

  • Session Title: “Before the Striping: Roadway Surface Preparation”
  • Date: Tuesday, February 2
  • Time: 8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Panel Experts:

  • Juan Arvizu, Pavement Marking, Inc.
  • Michael Boeger, Potters Industries
  • Mark W. Bott., P.E., Michigan DOT
  • Steven Smith, SMITH Manufacturing
  • Raymond Somich, Dow Chemical


Steven Smith, SMITH Manufacturing

Workshop Objectives: 

The audience will leave with information to help them make better decisions when planning and executing pavement marking (striping) projects.

Workshop Questions:

The panel of experts will discuss the following questions.  Please bring your questions to the workshop or post your questions to the moderator at

  • Why should surface preparation be a critical first phase of any pavement marking job?
  • What are the ways to ensure that surface preparation is included in the contract?
  • What are the current surface preparation standards for asphalt and concrete surfaces?
  • What goes into properly preparing a roadway surface before markings are applied?
  • What are the obstacles/challenges, benefits/opportunities and points of contention facing contractors and agencies to get prep-before-striping specified as a separate pay item on contracts?
  • What are the striping performance success stories and failures when surface preparation is prepared correctly or not?
  • What are contractors doing now to get paid and not giveaway, their prep-before-stripe work?
  • Where will the money come from to pay for prep-before-stripe work?
  • What are the costs to keeping the workzone open longer for prep-before-stripe work?
  • What are the case studies or examples of prep-before-stripe success with measurable results available?

Soldier, Striper, Savior

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Workzone WarriorHelp us keep our Workzone Warriors Safe

Both the Striper and Soldier save lives and keep us safe from danger.

Stripers deserve our respect working in the world’s most dangerous area, the workzone. They put their life on the line just to make our roadways safer.   Think “Soldier” when you see a Striper and automatically slow down.

Soldier, Striper, Savior.   Respect Workzone Warriors by slowing down.

Let’s make ZERO fatalities a Reality.   It’s up to you.

Watch Videos on the Best Prep Tools You Don’t Know You Were Missing

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Surface Prep Made Easier

If you are a striping or flooring contractor that prepares concrete or asphalt surfaces, here are the two best-rated prep tools – the Diamond Shaver and Rotary Eraser.

#1. Diamond Shaver is the best prep tool for (1) groove-inlaying markings; or, (2) removing high spots, overlays, and failed surfaces without micro-cracking concrete or asphalt surfaces.polishing

The best diamond shaver is the SMITH FS351 Surface Preparator.  Available in electric, gas, propane, or hydraulic (FS391) power, when outfitted with a diamond shaving drum – produces uniform and consistent dimensional width, depth, straightness, and surface finish profile with minimal vibration and maximum speeds.

Watch our 8-minute video on the ownership benefits here.

#2 Rotary Erasing is the best dry-prep process for (1) permanent removal of markings without ghost lines or surface undermining; and, (2) removing bumps or thick film coatings while leaving a consistent surface profile.

prep tools

The best stripe eraser is the  SMITH X Series Dry Rotary Eraser.  Powered by gas, electric, or hydraulic (X1, X3), when The X Series is outfitted with up to 7 styles of quick-changing cutting tools for the material to be removed (and required final surface profile finish SP1-SP10), the results are simply amazing.

If you think you need a waterblaster to cleanly remove stripes, coatings, and markings, think again – and think savings with a SMITH Dry Rotary Eraser. You can save time, money, water, and your surface.

Watch this short video here of the X3, powered by a Bobcat Toolcat, removing airfield markings.

If you don’t own one of these two high-performance tools to prepare your concrete or asphalt surfaces, please contact your SMITH Representative now to learn now you can.

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