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Archive for October, 2015

Parking Spaces Erased in China

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

USA-made SMITH X3 Erasing Stripes in China 

parking lot lines

VTE can help you remove Parking Spaces, Roadway or Airport markings in China. VTE is the official SMITH reseller in China. They can demonstrate to you, the best way to permanently remove (erase) markings fast, easy and cost-effective.

If you have a need to remove stripes or prepare asphalt or concrete surfaces, please contact VTE for expert sales and service.

Recently, VTE has successfully demonstrated to government transportation officials in China the removal of parking stripes.   They successfully proved through their demonstrations that eradicating (erasing) stripes with a SMITH X-series rotary dry  eraser is far superior than any other method including water blasting.

The USA-made SMITH X3 Rotary Eraser was officially demonstrated with a common Bobcat skid loader and proceeded to remove thousands of parking lines in the city center. The state agency officials were very impressed that the markings were quickly removed without any grooving or ghosting damage to their road surfaces.

parking lot lines

In Quingdao, the specific city of the demonstration, their specifications call out for dry rotary erasing using a SMITH X3, X1, or LNX8 style planetary eraser. “A traditional scarifier will scar the surface, but the SMITH Erasers leave a smooth, bevel-edge finish with no ghost lines, grooves or surface micro-cracking.” as reported by VTE and Agency representatives.

parking lot line erased

If you are looking to remove striping in China, please contact VTE directly for USA-Made SMITH Manufacturing Equipment,  VTE is the official SMITH Representative and offers direct sales, service, and support.  VTE also has in stock SMITH machines, cutter drum assemblies and parts you need to remove stripes faster with best surface finishes.

Why SMITH Trusts FEDEX, a SFMA Corporate Partner

Monday, October 26th, 2015

As a former striping contractor, I have experienced firsthand the many job frustrations that arise when working with a supplier that just doesn’t care. 

Doesn’t care enough to ask the right questions. Doesn’t care if what they sold is correct or even delivered on-time. Working with the wrong supplier can make a job that looks profitable on paper, a money-pit.  

So in 1990, I founded SMITH Manufacturing with the goal to make roadways and walkways safer by producing and delivering the most innovative tools to help users REMOVE-FASTER, safer and more cost-effectively with better surface finishes. SMITHing is a known industry practice to make surface last longer. 

When I started the company, I used my experiences and connections as a former coatings manufacturer and contractor to find the best people to develop the right removal solutions to best help users meet their job requirements and eliminate their frustrations.  

Our customers are striping contractors that buy SMITH cutter tools to help them remove unwanted roadway and parking line striping. In snow country, stripers use SMITH equipment to groove a controlled width and depth slot to inlay permanent markings flush with the roadway to prevent snowplow removal.

Concrete contractors use a SMITH to eliminate trip and fall injuries by grinding down raised surfaces like sidewalks. Flooring contractors use a SMITH to make floors level or remove old surfaces correctly. When older concrete or asphalt surfaces need to be replaced, a SMITH is used to prepare the surfaces with the correct texture to allow a permanent anchor for new surfaces or coatings to be applied permanently. Tennis and Basketball court cracks are rejuvenated when SMITHed.  

Fedex Trucking Terminals use a SMITH through contract services to assure worn or misplaced parking lines are permanently removed. When re-striping, a SMITH is used to create the right surface-prep texture so the new stripe becomes permanent to handle daily truck deliveries.  

When users call SMITH to order product for their job, one of the first questions we ask is “When do you need it” because most need deliveries right away. Our company is built to serve our contractor customers that demand product in stock and delivered to their jobs right away. 

That’s why we designed our production facility to be able to meet our customer needs and deliver product same day without delay.  

Our customers are anywhere there is a concrete or asphalt surface and that can be anywhere in the world. That’s why we partnered with Fedex Freight and Fedex Overnight Services because we know that when the customer says he needs it tomorrow or next week, it absolutely has to be there. 

Its our reputation on the line and Fedex is always there to pickup on time and deliver to our customers on the date promised. Each day, I challenge my company and suppliers to come up with better ways to help make it easier for our clients to serve their customers.

We know the work they do is dangerous, thankless but very essential to us all. They need the right tools and support so their job can be finished right and on time.  

Delays effect us all. Our commute to work takes longer, our sidewalks become hazardous and the places we live,work and play may not be accessible. But ultimately if we all deliver, lives will be saved and our mission is complete. 

For more information about ways to make our world safer through lasting safer surfaces please contact us. 

Steven Smith
Founder and President
SMITH Manufacturing | SSPS,Inc.
1610 S. Dixie Hwy | Pompano Beach, FL 33060+8913 USA  

SMITH with GE at Excon

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

SMITH Manufacturing exhibió sus equipos de Preparación de superficie con apoyo del Equipo de GE- Peru en la feria 2015 Excon Perú

SMITH Manufacturing apoya constantemente a su red de distribuidores con las herramientas adecuadas y los conocimientos técnicos para asegurar que las superficies de concreto y asfalto en la que ellos trabajan sean los más seguros y duraderos.

Póngase en contacto con su representante hoy mismo a fin de obtener más información sobre SMITH Manufacturing y de esa manera poder participar en sus eventos.





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