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Archive for January, 2016

Join SMITH at ATSSA and World of Concrete

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Join SMITH at ATSSA and World of Concrete

Our “Lasting Bonds 2016” Tour Continues!

ATSSA and World of Concrete
January 31 – February 2, 2016
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, LA
Booth #933

Join us as we’ll be demonstrating why SMITHing is a cost-saving solution to creating lasting bonds with road-marking applications, and much more. Pick up your free gift, see the “Prep-Before-Stripe Surface Profile Inspection Tool,” and get your hands on the fastest and easiest removal equipment. We’ll be looking for you!


World of Concrete
February 2 – February 6, 2016
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV
Booth #S11250

Even in Las Vegas, there’s no gamble when it comes to lasting bonds using SMITH cutters and equipment. From diamond shaving to groove inlay and everything in between, let us show you how to achieve all 10 CSP profiles quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Get your free gift, and don’t forget to check out the handy “Prep-Before-Stripe Surface Profile Inspection Tool,” available with our 2016 catalog, and for download.


Surface Profile Inspection Tool

Surface Profile Inspection Tool available at ATSSA and World of Concrete

The SMITH 2016 catalog features a handy, removable surface profile guide you can use on the job to ensure the correct 1-10 profile every time. Get your copy today!

Come and visit us at ATSSA and World of Concrete… we’ll be looking for YOU!


Surface-Prep Insight for Contractors and Agencies

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Alternative Removal Methods, New Visual Prep Tool, 2016 Catalogue, Defining Surface Prep, Lasting Bonds Tour, and Workzone Warriors.

Alternative Removal Method Helped Contractor Win Bid

contractors are discovering alternatives to waterblasting

Last week, a striping contractor had to turn in a bid for stripe removal that required water blasting. The contractor asked if we can review their state’s specifications to determine if alternative removal methods can be used. Fortunately, SMITH stores an up-to-date database of DOT standard construction specifications. After review of the state’s specifications, we found a work-around to waterblasting, and helped the contractor win the bid.

If you would like to win more bids, and know what is and is not permissible for prep-before-stripe work in your state, please call your SMITH representative and ask, “what removal methods are allowed in my state?”

Free Surface-Prep Inspection Tool

contractors now have a handy tool to use on the job

This Surface-Prep Inspection Tool will help you visually confirm the surface profile (SP1-10) conditions before and after your surface preparation work. For details, please click here.

What is Surface Preparation?


Do you think of surface preparation simply as a broom or blower? Think again after reading this definition that may require you to scratch the surface before your next application.

New RemoveFaster Catalogs for 2016


2016 SMITH Remove Faster Catalogues are available for download and include the new “Surface-Prep Inspection Tool.” Download here or get your free copy when you visit SMITH at the next industry event.



Visit SMITH’s 2016 “Lasting Bonds” road show as they roll into Charlotte for National Pavement Expo, New Orleans for ATSSA, Las Vegas for World of Concrete, and Atlanta for ARA The Rental Show. Need details, tickets, show specials, or help in removing faster with lasting bonds? Click here.

Free Striper Tool Kit


If you are looking to maximize your investment in your prep-before-stripe work, visit ATSSA and attend the Prep Workshop. If you can’t attend, please download these free guides. Please contact your SMITH Representative for downloading details.

Workzone Warrior Ribbons


If you are attending the above shows, please ask for your Workzone Warrior Ribbon, a tribute to the Striper that helps keep us safe. We will have them on hand during our 2016 “Lasting Bonds” tour at all events.

Make it a productive and safe year!

Best removal,

Steven Smith

ATSSA Prep-Before-Stripe Workshop

Friday, January 8th, 2016

ATSSA’s “Prep-Before-Stripe” WorkshopATSSA’s “Prep-Before-Stripe” Workshop

You are invited to attend the ATSSA “Prep-Before-Stripe” Workshop on February 2, 2016. moderated by Steven Smith.

Workshop title: ” Before the Striping; Roadway Surface Preparation: A time-consuming service that’s worth a charge because it extends the life of the pavement marking”

Description: Many times, a striper will be awarded a contract, only to find out the surface preparation phase was an afterthought, if it had been given any consideration at all. As a result, time, money, and manpower are utilized – often times without financial compensation – to adequately prepare the surface for the pavement-marking application.

The panel of experts  Juan Arvizu, Pavement Marking, Inc., Michael Boeger, Potters Industries, Mark W. Bott., P.E., Michigan DOT, Steven Smith, SMITH Manufacturing and Raymond Somich, Dow Chemical will discuss the time and effort that goes into properly preparing a roadway surface before the pavement marking is applied, and why it should be a critical first phase of any pavement-marking job.  The panel will also discuss ways to ensure that surface preparation is included in the contract.

All 50 DOT prep-before-stripe specifications will be available for review and comment.

Should a surface profile requirement for pavement-marking application and removal exist in specifications?  A surface profile reference number may be able to best assist both the contractor and inspector in assuring the correct surface conditions prior to installing new markings, or removing existing markings. For more information about surface profile standards, please refer to this article.

Should surface preparation be a separate charge or continue to be included as incidental work in striping contracts?  Attendees will have an opportunity to debate this issue. This article published in Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine, gives the reader further insight.

If you would like to attend the ATSSA event, please visit here for more information.

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