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Archive for February, 2016

Change Order to Accept or Reject Surface Preparation Work by Owner, Engineer, Architect and Contractor.

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Please use the following letter to notify the Engineer, Project Manager or Owner that a change order is required to improve the quality standards of the existing contract.  The current specifications require a more intensive surface preparation conditioning process (SMITHing) to enhance the service life and performance of the new pavement markings application.

Dear (Owner, Engineer, Architect Name Here):

We are requesting a contract change order to include a more comprehensive surface preparation application prior to the installation of the new (specify pavement markings, coatings, repair materials or surface overlay here)

I have attached an industry standard specification for surface-prep prior to markings here (other specifications available at

The current contract includes simple surface preparation consisting of a no-impact traditional surface cleaning of either compressed air, low pressure water and/or a broom brush sweep. This no-impact prep will only remove loose dirt and debris that sits on the surface. This type prep application will not alter the surface condition nor remove any stubborn deleterious materials bondes to the surface.

We recommend a more intensive surface preparation method prior to the air/water/broom prep process. This intensive process, called SMITHing, requires the application of a mechanical surface treatment with rotary and/or drum style devices that remove any stubborn deleterious materials while changing the surface porosity profile to a condition best for the next coating, marking, overlay or repair material being applied. The prep work can be inspected using this form available here

This intensive SMITHing treatment is available at an additional charge inclusive of time, materials and labor to satisfactorily perform the SMITHing work. Your acceptance or rejection of this work comes with inherent risks and rewards.

The rewards, will result in a safer, longer lasting performance of the new installed coating, marking, repair or overlay material installation. After SMITHing, the surface coarse will be free of any deleterious material that now prevents the new material from mechanically bonding. In addition, the surface porosity will be correctly designed according to industry standards to enhance the mechanical bond strength of the new materials to the surface.

The risks are as follows: (1) The contractor may not have the correct equipment, cutter tools, skill set or experience to perform the work, (2) the impact surface treatment may cause the substrate to bruise, undermine or micro-crack. Should surface damage occur, the contractor would be responsible for the complete surface repair. (3) If the surface has an inherent defect due to pre-existing conditions, the contractor assumes no responsibility and the owner can elect to pay for a surface repair at the contractors normal materials, labor and hourly cost plus profit charge.

Please indicate below if these terms are acceptable or not and include the description of the SMITHing surface preparation work that will be performed.

Authorization to Accept or Reject SMITHing conditioning charge

[ ] Rejection of the additional conditioning work and any associated charges This rejection means that the Owner, Engineer or Architect will not hold the Contractor responsible for any failures due to the new coating, marking, repair or overlay material from successfully bonding due to the underlying surface condition porosity profile.

[ ] Acceptance of the additional charge for surface preparation conditioning work (SMITHing) at the rate of $____ per sf (sm). Any changes to this construction contract require the agreement of all parties in writing.

Description of Surface and work to be performed (job log list here and describe:

Current Surface Condition:
Surface type:
Current SP range:
Required SP range:
Surface Age and Condition
Area to Repair:


Your Signature Here

Perfect Surface Prep in 4 Steps?

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

The Perfect Surface Prep in 4 Steps

Surface preparation is really hard work. Especially when the prep work is in dangerous traffic work zones right before pavement marking applications.

So why is it important to get the surface preparation work done right before the stripes are applied? Because proper surface prep results in safer, longer-lasting markings.

Watch the above video on the benefits of the Perfect Prep in 4 Steps by SMITHing for the rest of the story.

Join SMITH at ARA The Rental Show

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Join SMITH at ARA The Rental Show!

ARA The Rental Show

  • WHAT: ARA The Rental Show 2016
  • WHEN: February 22-24, 2016
  • WHERE: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta GA • Booth #2120

We have the solution to help you earn more rental profits. Your customers will be able to remove faster preparing their asphalt and concrete surfaces achieving lasting bonds!

It’s a fact – when surfaces are perfectly prepared, any coating, repair material, or overlay will last longer. Visit SMITH at the Rental Show to get the “Perfect Prep” solution for your customers.

Make certain you pick up your Perfect Prep Inspection tool. All attendees will also become eligible to win a SMITH surfacer, designed to help your customers achieve the “Perfect Prep.”

If you are unable to attend the show, please contact your SMITH Representative for details on the Perfect Prep, along with Rental Show specials on cutters, removers, and parts for all your scarifiers, planers, and grinders.

We’ll be looking for you!

ARA The Rental Show Website
ARA The Rental Show Floor Plan

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