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Archive for April, 2016

SMITHING to remove pavement markings in China

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

SMITHing to Remove Pavement Markings in China

SMITH Manufacturing, and reseller partner VTE, are joining forces in China to promote a safer, more cost-effective way to permanently remove pavement markings from roadways, airfields, bikeways, and parking areas.

X-series as used in China
The SMITH X-Series Rotary Erasers are designed to permanently remove striping without grooving, undulations or water. It’s less than 1/5th the cost of owning a waterblaster, and offers better performance without damaging the road surface damage. Add a SMITH vacuum system, and you remove dust free.

SMITH Manufacturing builds quality surface preparation removal equipment and ultra-premium-life cutter tools designed to make roadways and walkways safer and longer-lasting. The worlds leading brand since 1990, SMITH equipment and cutter tools are used by hard-working contractors and governments looking for a faster, safer, easier, and more cost-effective solution to maintaining asphalt and concrete surfaces.

For more details on how you can SMITH anywhere around the world, contact us today!


Shave Concrete Faster with the SMITH FS351

Monday, April 18th, 2016

SMITH FS351 Diamond Concrete Floor Shaver Does Wonders Down Under

Mark Bragg, owner of Concrete Grinding Services of New Zealand, purchased a SMITH FS351 Diamond Floor Shaver to speed up their floor removal operations. Mark furnished this video to us demonstrating the FS351 grinding off the top layer of concrete with steel fiber.

Mark says its a job that would have taken him much, much longer with a planetary grinder. Now he removes it all with the first cut using his SMITH FS351!

For anyone looking for Floor Grinding Services in New Zealand, please contact Mark Bragg.

For more details on the SMITH FS351 Shaver, please visit our website.

SMITH X3 in British Columbia

Monday, April 18th, 2016

The SMITH X3 Rotary Eraser Gets the Job Done in British Columbia

Sutton Road Marking of British Columbia is using the SMITH X3 Rotary Eraser to remove thermoplastic road striping so they can immediately install new permanent markings. Only the SMITH X-Series can remove striping without water, leaving a natural, non-grooved road surface.

Add an MV5500 gas-powered vacuum system to remove any marking on concrete or asphalt, dust-free.

Video supplied by Phil Sutton.

For more information about SMITH or the X3 Rotary Eraser, please visit our website.

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