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Archive for August, 2016

150 Tips Contractors and Rentals can Profit

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

150 Ways to Make Money in Rental

150 ways to make money in rental

Tip #5: Always bundle like equipment

For instance, combine a surface preparator (scarifier with cutter drum assembly) and HEPA vacuum with your concrete or asphalt maintenance equipment.

The surface preparator will be used to properly prepare the surface to achieve the required profile porosity texture (SP#) to assure a mechanical bond for any overlayment, repair or coating application. The HEPA vacuum will keep the environment clean, and the operator safe.

Rental companies: Check to see whether your point-of-sale system can auto-generate reminders on what equipment to co-bundle for increased revenue. If you don’t have surface-preparation equipment featured, please click here for details.

Renters: Be sure to reference this selection guide when renting equipment to assure you receive the correct properly outfitted machine with cutter consumables to achieve the desired removal and surface profile finish results. Don’t forget to rent a HEPA vacuum with any dust-producing equipment to comply with OSHA guidelines.

To see all 150 Ways to Make Money in Rental, please click here. The publication is a service from the American Rental Association. The guide offers rental-specific money-making ideas to enhance productivity and improve profits. This new, member-exclusive guide, created with the innovative ideas of those in the equipment rental industry, covers money-making rental tips for all rental segments and functional areas within a rental business.

SMITH Manufacturing is the industry’s one-stop source for your surface preparation needs since 1990, from coating removal and concrete scarifying to traffic line removal. Contractors are always looking for better ways to prepare concrete and asphalt surfaces. The SMITH culture, values, and priorities are designed to deliver reliable performance removal products that help users finish their jobs on time and under budget, leaving behind longer-lasting surfaces.

For details on selecting the right surface preparation equipment, please contact your SMITH Representative directly.

For safer, sustainable surfaces

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Find safer, sustainable surfaces at PWX, IND, and SMITH!


PROBLEM: You are looking to proactively manage your daily surface-prep responsibilities by controlling all job variables.

SOLUTION: Use this free job log on your smart phone to record prep variables before, during, and after the job with the ‘save this form’ feature.



PWX Minneapolis 2016

Here’s your free invitation to join us at booth #418, where you can achieve safer, sustainable surfaces by SMITHing through our qualified contractor network.

Contractors can sign up here.

If you can’t attend PWX, please contact your SMITH Representative, or visit our factory to see how we make the fastest and easiest surface-prep tools.

Would you like to know how your surface-prep work ranks among your peers? Take this one-question survey to find out.



IND Marking Symposium

Did you attend the Airfield Marking Symposium this past month at Indianapolis International Airport?

Those who attended witnessed the most cost-effective marking removal method that leaves airfield surfaces intact.

If you were unable to attend and would like to learn more, please click here.



Cutters, Removers, and Parts

It’s the final week of our in-stock cutter sale. If you own a rotary or drum-style scarifier, grinder, planer, shaver, or line remover, call or email your SMITH Sales Specialist and mention coupon code SMITH816C.

cutters for surfaces

SMITH FS351 Shaver Planer Scarifier Drum Extraction

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

How to Remove the FS351 Cutter Drum

It’s simple to extract the diamond drum from the SMITH FS351 self-propelled shaver/planer/scarifier.

Follow these 8 steps to remove the FS351 drum assembly:

  1. Lower the equipment onto a flat working surface using the lifting points and safety strap (after unlocking inner and outter set screws) 
  2. Lower the drum to the lowest setting (to engage the rear swivel wheels) with the drive wheels off the surface
  3. Remove the side plate bolts and the sideplate (Diamond drum set screws were loosened)
  4. Pull out the drum assembly
  5. Check condition of the drive bearings, drive shaft, and inner housing for concrete or material buildup
  6. Replace any worn components, and clean inner housing without water
  7. When replacing the drum assembly, add anti-sieze lubricant to the drive shaft
  8. It is a best practice to daily inspect the drum assembly after use, and prior to the next job


Always maintain an ample supply of consumables, and replace components as necessary.

Questions? Please contact your SMITH Representative.


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