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Archive for January, 2017

New Automatic Traffic Line Eraser Controller

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

traffic line remover

SMITH Manufacturing is introducing a new automatic controller for traffic-line erasers at the National Pavement Expo (NPE) and American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) expositions.

The AES controller will be mounted on the SMITH LNX8 Rotary Eraser, powered by the SR-25 Sulky Driver, and demonstrated to visitors to the SMITH exhibits. To RSVP, please click here.

AES Benefit
The AES eliminates operator error and the guesswork when preparing surfaces with manual start/stop and depth controls.

LNX8 Rotary Eraser
Introduced in 1990 and updated annually, the SMITH LNX8 is a high-performance rotary eraser and surface preparator that leaves a waterblast-like appearance without undermining surfaces. The LNX8 is now being offered with an optional AES linear actuator controller for automatic stops, starts, and cut depths that will accurately and consistently maintain removal or surface-preparation in the cutter impact zone. Together with the AES, the LNX8 will erase road markings and prepare pavement at the lowest cost per cut with superior surface finishes.

How to Use:
Simply set the controller to your desired cut depth, and you’re ready to rapidly set and raise the LNX8 rotary erasing tools by pressing a button. The thumb controller is conveniently located at one end of the LNX8 adjustable swing handle. The handle can be set in a comfortable ergonomic position when operating the LNX8 alone, or when using a powered sit-down driver.

Stop and Start Operations:
Typical operations require intermittent removal processes. The AES allows an operator to quickly raise the cutter tools off the surface to cease removal with a quick thumb click (see picture below). With a second click, return the cutters back to the same cut depth position to leave a consistent removal pattern.

traffic line remover AES button

Changing Cut Depth on the Fly:
If the operator wants to increase or decrease the cut depth during operations, the operator can use either the thumb controller, or dashboard controller (see picture below) to easily handle these commands in increments of .03”.

Consistent Surface Finishes:
The AES assures that all operators, regardless of skill can leave a consistent surface finish pattern when removing old markings, or preparing surfaces for new markings. With the AES, pavements are protected. No more surface gouging, undesired grooving, or stray surface marks like traditional manual-depth control starting/stopping operations.

Longer Cutter Life:
AES will assure longer cutter life since the operator can always set the cut depth in the “cutter impact zone,” that narrow band at right cutting angles to the surface. (see picture below). Cutting too deeply will rapidly decrease cutter life. The added investment of AES ownership and the 4-step perfect prep process will quickly pay dividends in longer cutter life and superior surface finishes.

Show Special:
Purchase a SMITH LNX8 traffic line rotary eraser at the show and receive the optional AES for only $1995.00. Limited time offer while supply lasts, subject to availability, not to be combined with other offers. Taxes and shipping fees not included in price. Contact your SMITH representative for complete details.


Get 10 CSPs with your Surface Preparators

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Get 10 CSPs With Your Surface Preparators

CSP profiles

What if surface-preparation specs only offered the final profile number, and not a set of instructions to achieve it? Would this make the specifications clearer or more ambiguous to experienced or novice contractors? Would completing the job be easier, or more difficult?

We surveyed professional surface-prep contractors at the recent World of Concrete show to find out.  We asked one question – do you prefer that your surface-prep jobs list a specific (CSP 1 – 10) profile number alone, or do you prefer to have both the profile number and the type of equipment to achieve it? Before we give you the results, allow us give you some background.

CSP Chart

The concrete repair industry (ICRI) created a surface profile chart (CSP 1 – CSP 10) that’s ideal for specific binders, coatings, overlays, and repair materials. Anyone preparing and/or inspecting concrete surfaces use this chart when preparing their surfaces. To create each profile, the industry adopted a set of rules that each profile could only be created using specific prep equipment, i.e., shotblasters, grinders, scarifiers, scabblers, planers, etc. Specific language was then built into concrete surface-prep specifications requiring the use of a specific machine to produce the specific finish (i.e., shotblasting to create a CSP3  finish, or acid etching to create a CSP1 finish).

Today, experienced contractors know that surfaces are inconsistent, and the use of a single type of prep equipment specified in their contract plans will not create the desired profile number. Requiring a single machine type to create the profile number creates an unfair burden when contractors bid, plan, and execute their jobs. So what should be done next?

Survey results: Over 85% of the contractors surveyed preferred a target profile number, and not the equipment type with which to achieve it.

The contractors that only wanted a profile number had an advantage over their peers. They could create all 10 CSP surface profiles profiles with common rotary- and drum-style surface-preparation machines (surface preparators). They are following a process similar to the Perfect Prep in Four Steps on both asphalt and concrete.

The following is a short video on the SP profiles on asphalt or concrete you can expect when selecting the right cutter tooling and 4-step SP preparation process:

If you want to learn how to do it using your equipment, please contact your SMITH Representative today.

Better prep tools found at the concrete show

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Better Prep Tools Found at the Concrete Showworld of concrete

Out of everyone who I met at the convention, you were the most inspirational
– Jason Long, Jag Management.

Thank you for visiting SMITH at the Concrete Show. We hope you had the opportunity to ask questions, review, and reserve prep equipment for 2017. If not, please complete the form below to get the perfect solution to earn more and remove faster on your next prep job.

The World of Concrete, held each year at the Las Vegas Convention Center, had over 70,000 visitors. Those who were looking for a better prep tool found it at the SMITH Surface-Prep Solutions exhibit in the South Hall.

At the exhibit, visitors met with reps, demonstrated equipment, and watched this six-minute video on how to benefit with SMITH in 2017. “Our equipment and cutter tools helps contractors achieve all 10 surface profiles faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than traditional shot blasters and grinders,” remarked SMITH representative Lauren Picard.

To connect with your SMITH representative, please click here.


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