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Archive for March, 2017

Surface-Prep Briefing – News to Help You Remove Faster

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Remove Faster News Briefing

Remove Faster News Surface-Prep Briefing


Get in the Groove

What does it take to get pavement markings to last in snow country? A lot more than you may think!

remove with eraser

A Blaster or a Grinder?

Which machine removes markings best? The Marking Removal 101 program held at the ATSSA How-To Conference has some answers for you.

OSHA Ruling Impacts Grinders

The new OSHA rule for silica-dust exposure goes into effect on June 23, 2017, and impacts everyone working with dust-producing equipment. However, there is a low-cost way to assure that you’re in compliance.


Why the Surface Profile Matters!

What if your surface-prep specs only gave you the final profile number, and not a set of instructions to achieve it? Would completing the job be easier, or more difficult?

One Cutter Doesn’t Fit All

If you believe one size fits all, and have been using the same cutter on your grinders…

It is a best practice to find the right cutter, drum set-up pattern, and removal processes that will work best for the surface you are working on.

Complete this selection guide then speak to your SMITH Representative for the best cutter solution for your removal needs.

Concrete prep:

 Pavement Work:

got cutters


Groove-inlay to recess Markings, Legends and Symbols ATSSA Presentation

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

What does it take to get the surface in the right condition so pavement markings last? Why will clear specifications, qualified contractors and quality inspection practices  assure agencies get a return on their groove-inlay investments?

These are just two of the questions answered at the ATSSA New England Chapter technical committee meeting on March 21 by Steven Smith. 

The ATSSA “Get in the Groove” presentation revealed how surface conditions play a vital role in pavement marking performance. Unfortunately agency specifications fail to address that role.

Agencies can reduce their risk of marking surface condition failure through clear specifications and quality inspection practices to assure the prep before stripe work is done correctly.

For a copy of the “Get in the Groove”  presentation, please contact the ATSSA NE Chapter President.

The following videos demonstrate how one successful striping contractor groove-inlays pavement surfaces to recess 3M pavement markings.  Please share your groove-inlay videos at

Get in the Groove, helps Agencies get markings to last in snow country

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Welcome to Get in the Groove, an ATSSA New England Chapter Pavement Marking Committee Technical Meeting presentation.  

The discussion led by Steven Smith of SMITH Manufacturing, was designed to help Agencies and Contractors get the right prep-before-stripe surface conditions to assure markings last in snow country.

Problem: Pavement markings that protrude above the snowplow line, will not last past the first snowfall’s plow, resulting in roadways that do not meet minimum safety standards. Surfaces that are cut too deep, allows water to pond and cut improperly causes the pavement markings or the pavement surface to fail.

Solution: If pavement surfaces are grooved and cleaned correctly prior to the installation of the pavement marking they should provide the most life cycle value for agencies.

Boundaries: This ATSSA presentation focus is on short-line and intersection work, specifically what the surface looks like when you use various cutting tools, such as scarifiers, planers and groovers.

Conclusion: The program revealed how Agencies can achieve cost-effective year-round pavement marking performance for the driving and walking public when they take the necessary steps to assure pavement surfaces are properly grooved and cleaned prior to the installation of the pavement marking. All it takes is for Agencies to have clear, unambiguous groove-inlay specifications, qualified contractors and quality inspection practices.

For a copy of the “Get in the Groove” presentation, please contact Mike Allen at

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