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Archive for November, 2017

SMITH Q&A: Why Do I need Two Cutter Drum Assemblies?

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017


Q: Why should I own a second cutter drum to rotate with the original cutter drum assembly?

A: Anyone owning a surface preparator, scarifier, or line remover should own a second cutter drum assembly with a cutter drum rebuild kit. It is critical to job success if these practices are followed. Not owning a second drum can jeopardize job performance, the surface finish, and operator safety.

Before the job starts, always install the right drum or spindle into the equipment for the work you are doing. Please refer to the cutter selection guide when selecting the right machine.

On the job, always have a second pre-built cutter drum assembly ready in case the first one fails. Should that happen, the operator can rapidly deploy the second drum assembly and continue working, without a different in finishes.

If he doesn’t have a second drum and continues working with the first, he will scar the surface, and slow down the operation. Plus, if he only has a rebuild kit, replacing drum components in the field is dangerous.

At the end of the day, always remove, inspect, and clean the drum assembly, and record any wear and tear in the job log. SMITH also offers a drum stand that can be used to hold up to two drums on their vehicle.

cutter drum assemblies

It is a best practice to always have an extra drum assembly and a cutter drum rebuild kit in stock. In addition, it is recommended that you rotate the drum assembly daily to assure even wear and performance.

Cutter drums will last much longer if the drums are rotated vs. just using a cutter drum until it wears out. The industry recommends replacing the cutter teeth at the shop and not in the field, should the cutters wear or a shaft breaks during operation.

Having a second drum assembly will assure the operator can complete the job, leaving the same profile, without causing unneeded surface damage or drum wear.

Talk to a SMITH representative about your cutter drum needs today.

SMITH indoors and outdoors with New Tri-Fuel Kohler Engines

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

tri-fuel engine

SMITH Indoors and Outdoors with
New Kohler Tri-Fuel Engines

Pavement and flooring maintenance contractors can now work indoors or outdoors with the same machine thanks to the SMITH SPS10 Surface Preparators and MV7500 HEPA vacuums outfitted with the Kohler 14HP Tri-Fuel engine

Kohler Benefits:

  • Engines operate on gasoline, LP, or NG fuel
  • LP and NG engines provide savings on fuel, plus cleaner emissions

SMITH Benefits:

  • Prep, groove, remove, and collect, leaving an SP3 – SP10 profile
  • Contractor tested, user-accepted surface-prep success
  • SMITH cutters, removers, and support since 1990

To reserve your SMITH SPS10 or MV7500 with a Kohler Tri-fuel for your next job, please contact your SMITH Representative today.

Your Thanksgiving Surface-Prep Briefing

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Your Thanksgiving Surface-Prep Briefing

for Safer Sustainable Surfaces


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