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Visit SMITH Stocking Dealers and Remove Faster

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Do you want to make your hard work of preparing concrete and asphalt surfaces, faster and easier?

Visit an Authorized SMITH Stocking Dealer!

SMITH partners with top pavement maintenance and concrete flooring maintenance dealers and resellers with a proven track record of delivering high-performance solutions to their customers.

Our dealer network is comprised of experienced professionals who stock, promote, sell, and service the SMITH brand to their qualified customer network with excellent showroom facilities and in-the-field product demonstration throughout their territory.


The SMITH brand is a reliable surface-prep solution consisting of a fast, easy, and cost-effective rotary and drum-style surface conditioners designed to support installation and repair of coatings, flooring and pavement marking systems. When applied with the proven SMITHing process, surfaces become safer and sustainable.

If you work on concrete or asphalt roadways, parking areas, sidewalks, floors, balconies and decks, a SMITH is the preferred choice by professionals to:

  • Remove walkway trip-hazards or uneven surfaces
  • Wipe-out flaking paints and coatings 
  • Surface-Prep overlayments for lasting surface bonds
  • Groove or grind into surfaces 
  • Erase stripes without grooves or undulations. 
  • Eliminate water pooling and edge flow lines 
  • Abrade non-skids and increase surface traction.
  • Eradicate glues, surface marks and material build-ups 
  • Mill, Plane, Reduce, Route, Scabble, Cut, Clean and more . . .

To find an authorized SMITH Dealer, please click here.

Mention code “CutterSmithy” for a special first order discount.

Surface-Prep Innovations

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017
From automatic depth controllers for consistent surface-prep profiles and HEPA Dust collectors, to front-wheel jacks for easy FS351 loading, SMITH surface-prep innovations help to make your hard removal work faster and easier. 

 Sidewalk Trip Abatement Innovation

Grinding down trip hazards on sidewalks is hard work. The new AES depth control actuator assures accurate cut depths for whatever you are grinding. Adding this accessory will produce consistent finishes and increase cutter life. When you attach the SMITH Sulky driver to your SPS10 with AES, the chore of removal is now easier. Of course, unlike this municipality that elected not to use a dust collector, SMITH always recommends using a HEPA vacuum to contain all airborne dust during removal.


Pavement Preservation Innovation

Getting consistent surface finishes use to be an art. Now anyone can achieve the right SP finish with the AES depth controller. With a simple push of the button, you will automatically remove in the “cutter impact zone” for perfect finishes and longer cutter life. Ask your SMITH Representative about pre-ordering an AES with your new SMITH LNX8. Don’t forget to attach a SMITH Sulky Power Driver to your walk-behinds for fast, easy, and effective removal.

Transport Innovation

Moving the FS351 on and off your work trucks used to be a chore. We developed a handy front wheel jack to make the transport of your SMITH FS351 faster and easier.
If you own an FS351 self-propelled scarifier, planer or shaver, consider ordering this transport innovation.
If you have an idea for an innovation or need assistance with your operation, please share them with us here.

Why are pavement markings removed?

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Work zones with changing traffic patterns require frequent marking and remarking as the lanes are reconfigured. Pavement markings must be removed when they are no longer required for the safe navigation of the pavement surface. The marking removal work must be done without damaging the pavement surface or  texture.

Why are pavement markings removed?

Thermoplastic pavement marking on asphalt removal by SMITH X3 Rotary Dry Eraser

Pavement striping is a much easier task than removal. 

The reason removal is difficult is due to the various types of pavement surface coarse compositions that stripes are applied to. These porous and non-porous surfaces will absorb the applied pavement markings deep into the surface. The deeper the markings are applied, the more difficult it is to remove the markings without altering the pavement surface texture or color.  

Typically contractors use sharp-edge grinding or blasting equipment to remove the former marking. These methods leave a surface scar that becomes visible under various lighting and weather conditions. When the surface is scarred, the removed stripe becomes more visible to drivers than the new marking.

Bevel-edge scrapers and dry-erasers or water blasters can be used to remove the markings without causing sharp-edge grooving. These machines will remove in a wider area to blend the former stripe with the outlying surface so the area does not appear as the former marking in any lighting or weather condition. When using this type of removal process, the former marking colors and texture will gradually blend with time and traffic conditions.  

The photos depict the removal of a newly applied thermoplastic pavement markings recently applied on a newly paved asphalt surface. The equipment selection was the SMITH X3 Dry Rotary Eraser. The photos were taken before, during and after the work was completed.

The work required that the markings be removed without damaging the pavement surface or the pavement texture. The operator removed 90% of the markings leaving a faint outline of the former marking. 100% marking removal was rejected by the engineer because it required that a larger area of the pavement surface would have to be removed. The engineer set limits knowing that the remaining markings will be blended in time with traffic and environmental conditions. 

If you would like the details, please contact SMITH 

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