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Grateful to be on the helping end of Hurricane Irma disaster relief

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017
Times like these make us thankful for people like you!
Today we are grateful!
The events of the past week have brought devastation, heartache, and significant loss to many members of our community.
During this difficult time, our community has shown courage, strength and kindness. Our customers have inspired and moved us. We couldn’t be more grateful.
We are very fortunate to be we open for business, and serving our customers and those affected by Hurricane Irma.
Although we are up and running, others are down and in serious need. To help those in need, we are donating a proceed of our September sales to the American Red Cross hurricane-relief efforts. To help our customers, we are offering a discount on new and used SMITH equipment. If you need equipment, please contact your SMITH Rep. for details.
Thank you for your prayers, patronage, and support. We are grateful!
Best removal,
Steven Smith

Hurricane Irma Closing

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017
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Dear Friends, Family and Customers:
While Hurricane Irma sets its eye on Florida, our prayers and thoughts are with the survivors and victims in its path. 
Please be advised that SMITH and others are preparing for evacuations from Hurricane Irma. This storm is a very dangerous Cat 5 hurricane due to hit Florida this weekend.
We have executed our Hurricane plan and are in the process of closing our offices and manufacturing facilities so our employees can prepare and take safe haven from the storm. We hope everyone that is in its path does the same.
Please do not worry, our hurricane plan is strong and our employees have taken early action to mitigate the potential risks to their families and property. Food, water, generators, prescriptions, fuel, and a viable hurricane safety plan are all key items to get done before the storm directly threatens our area.
We will send out a communication to you again as soon as we return and expect business to continue as normal. We appreciate your prayers and patience to this unfortunate interruption of service.
We plan to reopen our offices early next week after assessing any storm damage. If you have questions or need assistance, please click here. I will be monitoring our phones and email for your communication as long as services are available.
Again, stay safe and stay tuned for updates from SMITH or NOAA
Best removal
Steven Smith
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