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SMITH indoors and outdoors with New Tri-Fuel Kohler Engines

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

tri-fuel engine

SMITH Indoors and Outdoors with
New Kohler Tri-Fuel Engines

Pavement and flooring maintenance contractors can now work indoors or outdoors with the same machine thanks to the SMITH SPS10 Surface Preparators and MV7500 HEPA vacuums outfitted with the Kohler 14HP Tri-Fuel engine

Kohler Benefits:

  • Engines operate on gasoline, LP, or NG fuel
  • LP and NG engines provide savings on fuel, plus cleaner emissions

SMITH Benefits:

  • Prep, groove, remove, and collect, leaving an SP3 – SP10 profile
  • Contractor tested, user-accepted surface-prep success
  • SMITH cutters, removers, and support since 1990

To reserve your SMITH SPS10 or MV7500 with a Kohler Tri-fuel for your next job, please contact your SMITH Representative today.

Your Thanksgiving Surface-Prep Briefing

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Your Thanksgiving Surface-Prep Briefing

for Safer Sustainable Surfaces


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Why Everyone Wins When a Surface Profile is Specified

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017


When a surface profile number is specified on your pavement and flooring maintenance contracts, everyone wins.

surface profiling

Here’s why:

Rough, uneven, and failing surfaces are not just dangerous to the roadway, walkway or bikeway user, but to the pavement-preservation process. Failing surfaces occur not just through normal wear and tear, but from improper surface preparation work.

Having a surface profile number specified in the contract plans assures that all parties get what they expect regarding the coating, overlay, or repair materials to be installed, or to match the outlying surface area when the prior coatings are removed without creating unsafe surfaces. 

SP# defined:

The surface profile (SP#) number chart is used as a visual representation of desired surface textures, roughness, and general appearance on concrete or asphalt. Each profile has a corresponding number, ranging from SP1 (nearly flat) to SP10 (extremely rough). The surface profile is defined as the measurement of the average distance from the peaks of the surface to the valleys, as seen through a cross-section of the prepared substrate (see below).

The texture and appearance of the profile obtained through the surface-preparation process will vary, depending upon the concrete/asphalt strength, composition, aggregate and finish. On sound surfaces, the range of variation can be controlled to represent these standards, however, as removal depth increases, the profile of the prepared substrate will be increasingly dominant by the type and size of the coarse aggregate.

Confirmation that the desired profile has been achieved is done by visually inspecting the surface, then comparing it to the profiles depicted by replica profile tiles, replica putty, replica tape, or SP photos. The replica putty test is ASTM D7682, and the replica tape test is ASTM D4417.

The creation of a surface profile can be accomplished with a variety of tools, equipment, and materials, and requires a specification to select the desired SP range, dependent upon the type of overlay system and material thickness to be installed.

Next Step:

Introduce your customer to the SMITH Profile Inspection Guide. The guide enables everyone to visually confirm and agree on the surface profile (SP1-10) conditions before and after the surface-preparation process. The inspection guide also assists the contractor in selecting the right cutter for your rotary or drum-style prep equipment to achieve each SP1 – SP10 surface profile standard. 

If you are in pavement maintenance, this 22 minute video assists the specifier and contractor in the selection of the right equipment to achieve the right surface profile number best for the roadway surface. The surface profile (SP) chart is revealed to serve as a visual representation of desired surface textures, roughness and general appearance on concrete or asphalt.

As a specifier, simply indicate the numbers from the surface profile chart that would work best for the manufacturer’s binder system. Then, it will be up to the contractor to produce a good match for your selected number(s) using their preferred application methods. This profile chart references selected “end results,” or profiles prior to installing selected coating (binder) systems. Click here for the pavement marking specification with the  SP# guide.

SMITH & Win!

Don’t gamble with surface safety, specify a surface profile number in your contract plans. When a specific surface profile range is specified vs. a specific application method, everyone wins – suppliers, contractors, inspectors, and the public.

To learn how to effectively use the Profile Guide on your pavement maintenance or flooring maintenance jobs, please contact your SMITH Representative.

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