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Stripes, Mistake, Repair Overlays? Anyone can Remove-it by SMITHing

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Stripes, Mistakes or Repair Overlays? Anyone can Remove-it

Remove Stripes with the LNX8

How difficult is it to remove stripes, mistakes or overlay patches from asphalt or concrete? And to do the work without causing surface marks, ghosting or surface damage? With the SMITH X-Series Rotary Erasers, it’s easier than you think!

We invited Chris, a City of Margate Public Works employee, to see how easily he can remove thermoplastic markings prior to micro-surfacing his local streets.

Here’s the results:

Chris removed the thermoplastic markings with the SMITH LNX8 Eraser with AES controls propelled by the SMITH SR25 Sulky Driver.  A SMITH  MV5500 HEPA Vacuum was connected to the vacuum ports, eliminating all dust and debris from the jobsite.

A few minutes before Chris jumped on the Sulky, he reviewed the Perfect Prep in 4 Steps method. After the work was completed, Chris commented how easily the markings were removed and was impressed that the surface appeared like it never had been striped.  Afterwards he was able to immediately accommodate the micro-surfacing operations since the surface required no additional surface-prep work. 

Removing markings, repair materials or overlays is now fast and easy. Using SMITH equipment and the 4-step process assures pavement markings are permanently removed without surface damage.    

To learn more, ask a SMITH representative.


Earn More at the Rental Show by SMITHing!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Start Getting Paid for Loss Rentals!

rental show

ARA The Rental Show

We invite you to visit booth #1747 on Monday, February 27 to learn the secrets of earning more on surface-prep rentals by SMITHing!

rental show

It’s a fact, when surfaces are properly prepared, any coating, repair material, or overlay will last longer! Visit SMITH at ARA the Rental Show to help your customers get the “Perfect Prep” solution.

Speak to the experts, demo equipment, see innovative cutter tools, and get your show specials. Also, pick up your free surface-prep inspection tool, now inside the 2017 SMITH catalog.

Whether you plan to visit or not, please RSVP here. We can’t wait to help you start earning more!


ATSSA Traffic Expo Invitation

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

ATSSA Traffic Expo Invitation 

We invite you to visit the “Earn More, Remove Faster” Exhibit at the American Traffic Safety Services Convention in Phoenix. The exhibit is located at the Phoenix Convention Center Booth #211.
Sunday  Feb 12 • 12:00pm – 5:30pm

Monday Feb 13 •  11:30am -5:00pm

Tuesday Feb 14 • 10:00am -1:00pm

At the SMITH exhibit you will have an opportunity to see, demo and reserve new equipment and cutter tools to help you prep, erase, and groove faster on pavements. All visitors will receive a special gift to improve their surface-prep removal work.

Click here for event schedule details.

RSVP here.

Demonstration: In addition to our exhibit, we will also be holding a joint demonstration with the City of Phoenix on a new method to erase markings without water. Your demo invitation is here.

Surface-Prep Discovery:
We made a discovery that profoundly changes how contractors can prepare concrete and asphalt surfaces in 2017. Traditionally getting surfaces properly prepared for new coatings, markings or overlays required costly investments of specialized equipment like shotblasters and waterblasters. As it turns out, you only need to own inexpensive simple to operator rotary or drum style scarifiers to prepare any concrete or asphalt surface to the right profile standard to make your installations last.


Perfect Prep in Four Steps?
We found the perfect way to prepare surfaces. It’s a 4-step SMITHing process that not only removes surface contaminants, but creates the right pavement surface porosity to maximize mechanical bonding for your new pavement markings, without surface micro-cracking. Learn more here.

Free Prep Checkup
If you ever wondered if you have what it takes to earn more preparing your pavement surfaces? Take the short 10-question survey here to find out.

About SMITH:
In everything we do, all of us at SMITH believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking and acting differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our surface-prep products versatile, simple to operate, and user friendly. We make the type of prep tools that help our customers earn more on every job using their equipment or a SMITH. This article reveals how our failures helped our customers succeed.
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