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Barn Grooving Done Right

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

barn grooving

Barn Grooving Done Right

Barn grooving is an important and cost-effective way of preventing cows from slipping, falling, getting stressed, and hurt. The objective of barn grooving is to create a non-slip concrete surface so cattle have the proper traction in alleys, yards, feed, and holding pens. The grooves catch hooves before they slip, and the channels are ideal for moving standing water.

There are many ways to pattern a groove profile on existing concrete surfaces. The fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way is through the use of an upright self-propelled concrete scarifier or diamond shaver like the SMITH FS351 Self-Propelled Surfacer.

When selecting a machine for concrete grooving, contractors want the most cost-effective and reliable tool to finish the job on time and on budget.  They want a machine with enough weight, power and balance for easy handling. They also want a reliable drive system to produce the widest and deepest groove cut pattern required for each job.   Additionally they want to use just one machine and change only the cutter tooling to accomplish the variety of cutter drum assemblies to work on soft to hard concrete surfaces.  This comparison sheet lists the critical variables that contractors consider in their selection process.

barn grooving

Diamond Grooving Drum can be spaced in any pattern on the FS351 up to 16.1″ wide

No matter what type of grooving patterns your job requires – straight, cross-cut, scarified or diamond groove pattern – select a machine that can be outfitted with a variety of cutter drums and groove spacing patterns to get the job grooved right, the first time.

Don’t let livestock costs slip away because of an ungrooved floor, contact your SMITH representative for the grooving solutions you need, at the “no-bull” price you’ll like.

Get in the Groove, helps Agencies get markings to last in snow country

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Welcome to Get in the Groove, an ATSSA New England Chapter Pavement Marking Committee Technical Meeting presentation.  

The discussion led by Steven Smith of SMITH Manufacturing, was designed to help Agencies and Contractors get the right prep-before-stripe surface conditions to assure markings last in snow country.

Problem: Pavement markings that protrude above the snowplow line, will not last past the first snowfall’s plow, resulting in roadways that do not meet minimum safety standards. Surfaces that are cut too deep, allows water to pond and cut improperly causes the pavement markings or the pavement surface to fail.

Solution: If pavement surfaces are grooved and cleaned correctly prior to the installation of the pavement marking they should provide the most life cycle value for agencies.

Boundaries: This ATSSA presentation focus is on short-line and intersection work, specifically what the surface looks like when you use various cutting tools, such as scarifiers, planers and groovers.

Conclusion: The program revealed how Agencies can achieve cost-effective year-round pavement marking performance for the driving and walking public when they take the necessary steps to assure pavement surfaces are properly grooved and cleaned prior to the installation of the pavement marking. All it takes is for Agencies to have clear, unambiguous groove-inlay specifications, qualified contractors and quality inspection practices.

For a copy of the “Get in the Groove” presentation, please contact Mike Allen at

Better prep tools found at the concrete show

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Better Prep Tools Found at the Concrete Showworld of concrete

Out of everyone who I met at the convention, you were the most inspirational
– Jason Long, Jag Management.

Thank you for visiting SMITH at the Concrete Show. We hope you had the opportunity to ask questions, review, and reserve prep equipment for 2017. If not, please complete the form below to get the perfect solution to earn more and remove faster on your next prep job.

The World of Concrete, held each year at the Las Vegas Convention Center, had over 70,000 visitors. Those who were looking for a better prep tool found it at the SMITH Surface-Prep Solutions exhibit in the South Hall.

At the exhibit, visitors met with reps, demonstrated equipment, and watched this six-minute video on how to benefit with SMITH in 2017. “Our equipment and cutter tools helps contractors achieve all 10 surface profiles faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than traditional shot blasters and grinders,” remarked SMITH representative Lauren Picard.

To connect with your SMITH representative, please click here.


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