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Surface Preservation by SMITHing

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017
surface preservation, SMITH LNX8 Eraser, Thermoplastic marking removal
Surface-preservation by SMITHing is a safe, easy and cost effective solution to assure road and floor surfaces are protected during repair and maintenance activities.
There are nearly 3.95 million miles of public roads in the United States, valued at more than $1.75 trillion. When pavements have to be re-striped or repaired, specifiers should recommend processes that extend pavement life and improve motorist safety and satisfaction, while saving tax dollars.
The SMITH X-Series rotary erasing process is just one example of a system that will properly prepare surfaces prior to striping and remove markings without micro-cracking or bruising the surface.
Recently, SMITH demonstrated their LNX8 Rotary Eraser removing thermoplastic stopbars in the City of Margate for a micro surfacing project. The removal method had to properly remove the existing thermoplastic materials without gouging the surface or dislodging aggregate loose pre-application of the slurry. It was important that the removal operation preserved the integrity of the underlying asphalt base so the micro-surfacing can be applied cost-effectively. This video shows the results of the trial:
Traditionally, planers or scarifiers (aka grinders) are used to remove pavement markings prior to resurfacing. This vertical cutting method destabilizes the surface, causing inconsistent cut depths and pavement scarring while loosening the rock, causing surface micro-cracking and pavement bruising. Water blasters are also used to remove markings, but due to the different density and tensile strength of pavement surfaces and marking materials, the water cut depths are inconsistent, allowing the sand and binder in the asphalt to wash out of the surface, causing undermining and rutting from the high pressure water blasting operations.
The SMITHing method is a true surface-preservation solution for anyone looking to protect their surfaces prior to paving operations. The right equipment, cutter tools and “4-step prep process ” as depicted in the video is all it takes. Please contact a SMITH Representative for more information on getting the right pavement or floor-prep equipment, specifications and processes to meet your  surface preservation requirements.

Sidewalk Maintenance Success in Margate, Florida

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

This article is reprinted from the February, 2017 edition of Margate Matters, a monthly newsletter published by the City of Margate, Florida. 

Report Sidewalk Defects to PW Maintenance Crew

As a routine operation, the Public Works Department sidewalk maintenance crew works hard to assess, maintain, and repair any defects in the City’s sidewalk system.

These repairs are critical to ensuring pedestrian safety and reducing the liability to the City, and the crew relies heavily on residents reporting damaged sidewalks near their property. The sidewalk maintenance crew is a part of the Public Works Department Roads Division, and they are responsible for maintaining all pedestrian walkways, roadways, and city-owned rights-of-way. They are always on the lookout for tripping hazards, which occur from time to time.sidewalk grinding In fact, the City receives an average of 10-12 calls from residents per month regarding cracked, broken, or uneven sidewalk panels.

So, how does the crew repair sidewalks? Raised sidewalks are often a result of nearby trees that are growing roots under the sidewalk, pushing it up, and causing individual panels to no longer be flush or level with the adjacent walkway.

Instead of replacing the panel with a new one, the city found a cost-effective sustainable solution by grinding with a scarifier/grinder.
sidewalk grinding
The crew grinds down the raised lip of the concrete until it is level with the adjoining panel. Typically, a 1” raised lip would take 10 to 15 minutes to grind to a smooth, anti-slip finish.

The equipment Margate uses is a SMITH Surface Preparator outfitted with rotating concrete cutters. A separate HEPA vacuum system attaches to the grinder to collect airborne dust created from the grinding operation to protect the worker, property, and environment. After the sidewalk is level, a pickup wand is attached to the vacuum hose to collect any remaining concrete powder so the walkway can be immediately opened for traffic.

Problems with any City roads or sidewalks (potholes, sinkholes, tripping hazards, etc.) should be called in to the Margate Public Works Department at (954) 972- 8126 for repair.

For specifications and details on sidewalk grinding, please click here.

Story courtesy of:

Alison H. Saffold, MPA, APR
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
City of Margate, FL


Make 2017 Transformative

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Let’s Make 2017 Transformative


Transformative, as in causing someone’s experience to be different or better in some important way.

Offer your customers a transformative experience by SMITHing.

The SMITH Surface-Prep solution helps your customers achieve the right surface profile condition so products applied on concrete and asphalt last longer.

  • Lasting markings save lives
  • Safer walkways improves lives
  • Sustainability enriches lives

That’s transformational!

Let us help you make 2017 transformative for you and your customers!


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