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Create All 10 Surface Profiles

Did You Know You Can Create All 10 Surface Profiles with a SMITH?

create all 10 surface profiles

When you select the right machine and cutter drum assembly – and also apply the SMITHing technique, you can achieve the your desired Surface Profile (SP). Any of the 10 Surface Profiles may be created with a variety of tools, equipment and materials, depending on the type of overlay system and material thickness to be installed.

What Are Surface Profiles?

Create All 10 Surface Profiles

The surface profile (SP) chart is used as a visual representation of desired surface textures, roughness, and general appearance on concrete or asphalt. Each profile has a corresponding number, ranging from SP1 (nearly flat) to SP10 (extremely rough). The surface profile is defined as the measurement of the average distance from the peaks of the surface to the valleys, as seen through a cross-section of the prepared substrate.

The texture and appearance of the profile obtained through the surface-preparation process will vary, depending upon the concrete/asphalt strength, composition, aggregate and finish. On sound surfaces, the range of variation can be controlled to represent these standards, however, as removal depth increases, the profile of the prepared substrate will be increasingly dominant by the type and size of the coarse aggregate.

Confirmation that the desired profile has been achieved during the surface-preparation process is done by visually inspecting the surface, then comparing it to the profiles depicted by replica profile tiles, replica putty, replica tape, or SP photos (as seen in the image above).

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To find out how you can achieve all 10 profiles using your equipment or a SMITH, please contact your SMITH Representative today.


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