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Daily Job Log Part of Strategy for Success

To keep your removal operations performing at faster speeds with consistent finishes, longer cutter service life and fewer job delays, use this Daily Job Log (click here) to help manage these 12 removal job variables:



1. Proactively manage all dynamic job variables so the cutters are within the “cutter impact zone” (the narrow cutting edge area at right angles to the surface where the cutters perform best).

2. Assure that the equipment and cutter drum are correct for the desired removal finish for the job.

3.  Always have extra cutter drum assemblies and wear parts designed for the operation on the job, and replace prior to wear.

4. Assure cutter drums are in balance, correctly spaced and aligned to prevent uneven wear parts wear and binding.

5. Make certain cutter drum-lowering mechanisms are operational to prevent hard-drop cutter drum(s) starts.

6. Reactive cutter surface depth and pitch angle control mechanisms are properly set and operational for ever-changing working surface grades to assure the cutters perform in the “Cutter Impact Zone;” cutting through raised expansion joints, joint compound materials or risers on mixed surface types effect performance.

7. The removal equipment travel and cutter drum rotational speeds are not excessive for the cutter, equipment or surface. Multiple removal passes are required, especially when working on uneven surfaces.

8. Preparing the equipment for changes in cutter styles, the up-cut or down-cut cutter drum rotation by decreasing or increasing the cutting force that effect cutter wear and performance.

9. Reducing lateral shear forces loads outside the cutter impact zone that cause cutters to wear and break prematurely.

10. Reducing the causes for vibrations that affect cutter performance by replacing worn drive and cutter components that affect the “Cutter Impact Zone.”

11. Assuring all removed materials are evacuated from inside the cutter housing to prevent buildup and the cutters being able to contact a clean surface.

12. Allow the cutting tools to not transfer heat to the surface by preventing heat buildup from continuous removal operations.

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