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Frequently Asked Questions – Top 6 SMITH FAQs

These are the top 6 frequently asked questions (FAQs) by prospective surface preparation and traffic line removal contractors, government agencies and rental houses.

Q: What Does SMITH Manufacturing Do Best?

A:  We know the repair and maintenance of concrete and asphalt surfaces is hard work.  We can help.

SMITH Manufacturing builds fast and easy surface preparation equipment and ultra-premium life cutter tools for hard working contractors. A leading USA brand since 1990, SMITH equipment and the SMITHing process helps contractors make roads, bridges, airfields, factories and walkways safer and last longer.

Q: What is SMITH Equipment used for?

A: Everyday a SMITH is used to successfully:

  • Remove Failed Coatings, Contaminants, Coverings or Overlays,
  • Prepare Surfaces with the right profiles (SP1 – 10) to promote mechanical bond strength,
  • Erase Striping without Grooves or Undulations on the final surface,
  • Groove-inlay surfaces to recess markings below the surface for longer life,
  • Level and Smooth down Sidewalk or Walkway Tripping Hazards fast,
  • Shave down surfaces to prevent microcracking for new coatings, overlays or polishing concrete,
  • Reduce high spots that trap water,
  • SMITH any existing hard surface correctly for the next step required.

Q: Does SMITH make every equipment size and style?

A: SMITH makes a gas, electric, pneumatic  or hydraulic powered machine to fit every size job and budget.
From the hand-held FS050 Scarifiers and FS150 Rotary Erasers . . . .  to the walk-behind, self-propel, ride-on and skid attachments FS and SPS Surfacers . . . . .  to the no-groove X Series Rotary Power Erasers.  All machines with select cutter tools will help you achieve all 10 surface profiles on concrete or asphalt.    All SMITH machines are equipped with dust-free vacuum ports to attach to SMITH or other vacuums.

Q: How can SMITH help me, if I already own a Grinder, Planer, Scarifier, Crack Router, Diamond Shaver or Traffic Line Remover?

A: SMITH ultra-premium-life cutters, drums and wear components fit all popular machines.  Using SMITH components will help you remove faster and cost-effectively with less downtime. We can also provide you with details on how to achieve better surface profile finishes with the SMITHing process.

Q: What is the SMITHing process?

A: SMITHing is the highest quality concrete or asphalt surface-prep process.  Proper surface preparation by SMITHing will decontaminate the top surface layer then create the right surface profile (SP1-SP10) without micro-cracks.  SMITHing to the correct SP 1 – SP10 profile pattern assures whatever is applied on top of the prepared surface mechanically bonds deep into the profile structure to permanently accept the new binder, coating, overlay or repair material.

Q: What if I don’t own a machine and want to do the work myself or hire a professional licensed contractor?

A: SMITH can assist you with specifications to best help meet your job expectations.  If you want to do the work yourself, SMITH can locate a rental company.   If you are looking to hire a quality contractor experienced in surface preparation, SMITH can help you find a contractor within budget.

For more answers to commonly asked questions, please search Remove Faster News or contact your SMITH Representative here

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