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Bust Ghost Lines This Halloween

Eradicate Ghost Lines this Halloween with the Xtreme Removal Team


Seeing a former pavement marking (a.k.a. “ghost line”)  re-appear at night or during wet weather conditions is not only scary, it’s dangerous!

Let’s take action and eradicate all ghost lines forever by introducing clear specifications and advocating the best removal practices that benefit everyone.

Join the Xtreme Removal team and become a ghost-line buster this Halloween for safer, lasting surfaces. XRT members have access to Experience Sharing, Best Practices, New Technologies, Technical Assistance and Online Forums.

If you are passionate about growing your business through quality surface-preparation practices where everyone benefits, consider joining XRT. Membership is free, plus you’ll receive an XRT certificate to proudly display.

Happy Halloween and Best Removal from your friends at SMITH!

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