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Groove-inlay to Recess Markings below the snow-plow line

Groove-Inlay Stripes

If you are looking for a better way to (1) groove-inlaying markings without micro-cracking concrete or asphalt surfaces, watch this video on the SMITH FS351 self-propel Diamond Shaver.


The  SMITH FS351 Surface Preparator is available in electric, gas, propane, or hydraulic (FS391) power.  When outfitted with a diamond shaving drum it produces a uniform and consistent dimensional width, depth, straightness, and surface finish profile with minimal vibration and maximum speeds.  Ideal for creating the perfect groove without micro-cracking the surface.  For recommended groove-inlay equipment specifications, please click here

best prep tool for (1) groove-inlaying markings; or, (2) removing high spots, overlays, and failed surfaces without micro-cracking concrete or asphalt surfaces is the SMITH FS351 self-propel Diamond Shaver.


For pricing and availability, please contact your SMITH Representative, here


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