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Why you Hate Removal Work

Why you Hate Removal work and What You Can Do About It!


I recently checked in on a new client a couple of weeks after they purchased their first SMITH X3 Rotary Eraser, and their estimator was over the moon about how much they’d been accomplishing with their removal work.

“We were able to do the same work as a waterblaster at 1/10th the cost last week!” he said. “Normally, we’d have been hung up by subcontracting waterblast services, but now we’re addressing our needs with a SMITH X3 attached to our truck, and a SMITH Vacuum in the bed. Now that we’ve solved those problems for good, we can focus on what matters – making our customers happy and growing our business.”


Don’t you wish you can say that about your business?

Most of us hate doing removal because the work is difficult or frustrating (or both). But you can have the work be both productive and profitable, plus keep your operational team members inspired and focused on hitting their targets, providing you follow what we call the “Removal Analysis.”

We call it “Removal Analysis” because one of the things we ask new clients to do is rate the effectiveness of their removal operations on a scale from “A+” to “F,” with “A+” being the best. The average is usually a “C,” but once your operations start following the Removal Analysis prognosis, the ratings skyrocket.

To schedule your free Removal Analysis, and receive the keys to having a great removal process, click here.


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