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The Heat is on to Fix the Highway Trust Fund

Congress Must Permanently Fix Highway Trust Fund

Over the next two months, let’s work together to put the heat on our legislators to permanently fix the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) bill for our contractors – and our country – before the extension expires on July 31, 2015.

Highway Trust Fund

The current legislation authorizing highway and mass-transit spending is scheduled to expire at the end of May, and only a few months later, the Highway Trust Fund will run out of reserves.

Here’s why:

Congress just returned to Washington this past Monday, having passed another short-term transportation spending bill. Temporary funding hurts our customers, and the hundreds of thousands who build, maintain, and manage the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

Congress doesn’t need more time to figure this out. Since 2008, there have been over 30 temporary extensions of transportation funding, which prevents long-term state and local planning. During this time, Congress has added over $50 billion to our children’s debt just to maintain current road and transit funding.

Here’s how:

Ask your legislator what they are going to do over the next 2 months to help fix the Highway Trust Fund (MAP21).

Tell them this fact: “Adding 15¢ to the gas tax (indexed to inflation) will resolve the issue for the next 10 years. It would fund a 6-year highway and transit bill that actually increases investment, and helps grow the American economy. The federal gas tax rate hasn’t been raised since 1993, and costs the average driver less than $95 annually.”

Highway Trust Fund

Take action by contacting your congressional representatives

You can contact members of Congress through Twitter and Facebook, or click here for useful links. Also, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Lets work together and apply the heat on Congress to restore the purchasing power of the federal highway user fees and fuel taxes. We know it’s fair, proven, and provides predictable funding.

It’s the right thing to do to get everyone back to work.

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