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June 2015 Headlines to Help You Remove Faster

Remove Faster News HeadlinesHeadlines to help you Remove Faster

August 30 – Don’t forget to register for the APWA Congress and Expo, but first…

Deadline – “Profile” Stories Needed – For my next column, I am looking for examples of how applicators are achieving the right surface profile texture to improve the strength of their applications. Has applying smooth to coarse surface profiles like the ones in this example influenced the service life of your applications? Were your customers pleased with the results of your work? Have you experimented with different profiles and found one to work better than others? Have you been able to introduce this process into your bid contracts and/or specifications so the extra effort is a paid consideration? Please let us know the city where your company is located, the work you do, and the equipment you use by emailing me at by July 15.

SMITHing is a Lifesaver – If you want your new-borne coating system to live a healthy, safe, and productive life, simply SMITH the surface prior to delivery. Yes, SMITHing will save the life of your coating, and here’s why.

Rock-and-Hammer Inspiration – When nothing seems to help, I read this Jacob Riis quote.

Removing markings from pavements, airfields or floors? – When removing markings from pavements, airfields, or floors, following these 12 steps will improve your results.

Critical TED Talk – Are superstars killing your company? Research reveals that teams of high-IQ/talented individuals are being crushed by teams that have socially bonded. The CEO of five companies (and author of multiple breakthrough books, including her latest, Beyond Measure) Margaret Heffernan’s TED talk is rapidly climbing up the charts of importance. Go to 11:19 for the final three minutes (and three keys to accomplishing important things), then watch the rest and show it to your team/children. It’s a must!

Need Cutters, Removers, or Parts? – Contact your SMITH Representative to help make your removal work faster, easier, and more reliable.

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