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Lean and Mean: RemoveFaster Headlines – May 2015

RemoveFaster News Headlines

Lean Processes and Highway Bill Update

Headlines to Help you Remove Faster – May 2015

This May, lets talk “Lean,” and remove all of the unnecessary waste so that only “value” for which you are willing to pay for is created. Lean Staff, Lean Huddle, Lean Desk, Lean Surfaces, and Lean Government. Well, the last one is a stretch, but scroll down to read how you can influence passing a long-term highway bill. Anyway, with May having the ‘leanest’ name of any month, here’s our thoughts:

Lean Staff? – Starting January, 2016 those with 50+ employees have to deal with the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate, which is a potentially big expense for employers that don’t already offer ACA-compliant health care options. And, there are other regulations that kick in at 50+ employees. As you approach having 45 employees, has this made you think twice about going above 50? Has it stalled your growth? Or, have you outsourced to stay below 50?

lean and mean


Lean Huddle – California-based Walters & Wolf designs, fabricates, and installs amazing glass interior and exterior walls. With 900 union employees, two years ago, their president, Nick Kocelj, made no excuses as to why they couldn’t fundamentally transform their company, and since then, has driven unbelievable performance in their industry using Lean. Check out their YouTube video and go to the 24:40 mark to see a couple of minutes of their daily huddle, and then to 29:00 to check out their simple solution.


Lean Desk – Kaizen foam simple visual organizing desk system:

lean desk


Lean Surfaces – By eliminating all the unnecessary steps in creating the ideal surface structure for new coatings to stay in place is a lean solution. We have borrowed the idea of identifying textures created on asphalt or concrete using simple surface-preparation equipment. The designed profile system starts at SP1 (smooth) and ends at SP 10 (rough). Each progressively rougher textures are better suited for assuring thicker coating systems remain in place longer.

surface profiles

You can learn more about the profile system by starting here. What is your opinion on using this system to best identify the ideal substrate for the coating work you will complete? Would you like to see a chart best represented as a pictorial image, or as a 3-D pad? What are the best surface characteristics that you are looking for, and how would you objectively identify them? We encourage your opinions to help make your removal and installation process lean for you.


Lean Government – Mr. Smith goes to Washington. SMITH Manufacturing founder Steven Smith just returned from Washington with fellow ATSSA PAC members. They were on Capitol Hill to help educate lawmakers on the benefits of a long-term Highway Trust Fund for roadway safety infrastructure devices and services. A sustainable HTF benefits everyone.

Our roadway system, once the envy of the world and the engine of our economic might, now ranks outside the world’s top 20. This is unacceptable!

The federal government plays a fundamental role in investing in our nation’s highway and transit system to serve passenger travel, interstate commerce and national defense. Unlike most other government programs, the Highway Trust Fund programs historically have been funded entirely by fuel taxes and truck fees paid by those who use and benefit from our national highway system. However, the user fees, which were last increased in 1993, continue to be insufficient to meet the nation’s needs and will run out this legislative session.

capitol building

Steven Smith worked with fellow ATSSA members in meeting with Congressional leaders and their legislative aids to immediately find a long-term sustainable solution, and not simply extend the current program which is far to inadequate to keep up with our nation’s needs.

Funding for bigger, brighter, and bountiful pavement markings, signage, rumble strips and guard-rails on our nation’s roadways is vital to assuring that we can regain our economic lead, and protect our citizens when traveling on federal, state and local roads.

Steven met with supporters of the highway bill – Rep. Lou Barleta (R-PA), Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL), and Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA), along with the US DOT Deputy Secretary Victor Mendez. Afterwards, they visited Capitol Hill and met at the offices of Rep. Ron Desantis (R-FL), Rep. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rep. Lois Frankel (D-FL), Sen. Bill Nelson (D FL), and Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK).

We discussed how finding a long-term funding solution impacts everyone’s investment decisions, from buying new equipment to hiring new employees. Without long-term funding, there is no long-term planning and growth. We were encouraged to learn that they rely on organizations like ATSSA, and stakeholders like SMITH to be their information resources when making voting decisions.

Going forward, I will continue to reach out regularly to my congressional leaders encouraging them to take action towards a sustainable solution for the financial future of the HTF. I will continue to work with ATSSA’s government relations team, led by Nathan Smith. If you want to learn more about how HTF effects you, please feel free to contact me, or click here to read more.


Lean on SMITH – Read our newsletter, speak to your SMITH Representative, and contact Steven Smith anytime with your toughest surface-preparation problems. We know your removal is hard work, and want to do everything we can to help make it faster and easier for you.


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