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Marlin Leasing Program

Introducing our New Leasing Program

SMITH has partnered with Marlin Leasing to assist our domestic customers with a fast and easy way to acquire new SMITH equipment.
Called “The Baker’s Dozen Lease program,” it’s a simple-interest financing option with low, fixed payments spread out over 12 months.
Benefits:Now you can get the SMITH products you want and need at the lowest price at rates lower than using a credit card, while preserving your bank and supplier lines and eliminating hard budgetary restrictions.
How it Works:
Marlin Leasing is offering credit terms to anyone in business for 2+ years with a USA address and a credit score of 620+ FICO with no open suits, liens, or judgments. Credit decisions are made within 60 minutes and once qualified, submit your SMITH equipment quote to Marlin and 13 payments later (over 12 months) the equipment is yours with a simple $1.00 equipment buyout.
The following is an example cost table for reference purposes:
SMITH Cost 13 Pmts @  Lease Cost
  $2,500.00    $208.33    $2,708.33
  $5,000.00    $416.67    $5,416.67
 $10,000.00    $833.33  $10,833.33
 $20,000.00  $1,638.46  $21,300.00
 $25,000.00  $2,048.08  $26,625.00


To sign up, click here to download the Lease form. Click here for the SMITH Equipment line-up. Contact your SMITH Representative now for special low pricing on all SMITH equipment and cutter removal tools at 800-653-9311.

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