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Organizational Checkup Removal Survey

Are you getting paid for the surface-prep (rem10 question organizational checkup surveyoval) work you are now giving away?

Please share your experiences by answering these 4 questions, then completing the short survey.

  1. How are you getting paid for the work, not specified, on your contracts?

  2. What type of surface-prep work are you now giving away?

  3. Do you ask for a change order when the surface is not in the same condition as described in your bid documents?

  4. What steps do you take, to prevent bond failures, when the surface is too porous or too smooth?

If you are looking to improve your surface preparation work, taking this 10-question organizational checkup survey is the first step.

Find out how your organization compares with others who perform surface-preparation work on concrete or asphalt by taking this short Organizational Check-up Survey:


Welcome to your Organizational Removal Checkup Survey

This checklist assures operations are at the highest level of readiness to complete their current and upcoming removal (surface-prep) projects.


Please share your experiences by answering these 4 questions, then completing the short 10 question survey.


Are you getting paid for your surface-prep work using scarifiers, grinders, erasers, blasters or stripe removers?

Are you getting paid for your surface cleaning work using brooms, blowers or pressure washers?

Do you ask for a change order (to prevent bond failures) when the surface is not in the same condition as described in your contracts (surfaces are unsound, very porous or very smooth)?

Please answer these 10 questions about your removal (surface-prep) operations on a scale from 1 to 5


1 = Strongly Disagree • 2 = Disagree  • 3 = Neither Agree or Disagree • 4 = Agree • 5 = Strongly Agree

We have a clear vision in writing of our removal (surface-prep) operations that has been properly communicated and is shared by everyone.

Our removal (surface-prep) specifications are clear, and written as a separate line item in our contracts, and we are reviewing, planning and operating around them.

Our removal (surface-prep) process is clear, and our systems and procedures to complete the work reflect that.

We have the right removal (surface-prep) equipment and the right consumables to consistently deliver the desired surface finishes (profiles) for all our jobs.

Our removal (surface-prep) equipment and consumables are properly serviced, and our efforts are focused on maintaining it.

Our personnel are properly trained to prepare for any concrete or asphalt surface or marking material inconsistencies by using the correct equipment and consumables to achieve the correct surface finishes (profiles).

We have a proven removal (surface-prep) process for doing the right removal (surface-prep) work without damaging the surface or changing the surface characteristics that our customers expect. It has been named and visually illustrated, and everyone is adhering to it.

All of the people involved in our removal (surface-prep) operations are the right people who are properly trained and want to do the job correctly.

We keep daily records of our removal (surface-prep) operations using a daily job log to record all variables, and to track our performance metrics.

Everyone practices safety first on the job by using the right PPE (personal protection equipment) and dust collection equipment to protect the operator, job site, and the environment.

If you would like to receive the results from this survey, please complete your contact information below. Thank you for participating in our survey!

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