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Remove Faster News is a publication that shares best practices and information to help anyone looking for a faster and easier way to prepare hard surfaces. To subscribe free, please click here. To submit your ideas or feedback, please click here. To join the Xtreme Removal Team, please click here.

Visit SMITH Stocking Dealers and Remove Faster

Do you want to make your hard work of preparing concrete and asphalt surfaces, faster and easier?

Visit an Authorized SMITH Stocking Dealer!

SMITH partners with top pavement maintenance and concrete flooring maintenance dealers and resellers with a proven track record of delivering high-performance solutions to their customers.

Our dealer network is comprised of experienced professionals who stock, promote, sell, and service the SMITH brand to their qualified customer network with excellent showroom facilities and in-the-field product demonstration throughout their territory.


The SMITH brand is a reliable surface-prep solution consisting of a fast, easy, and cost-effective rotary and drum-style surface conditioners designed to support installation and repair of coatings, flooring and pavement marking systems. When applied with the proven SMITHing process, surfaces become safer and sustainable.

If you work on concrete or asphalt roadways, parking areas, sidewalks, floors, balconies and decks, a SMITH is the preferred choice by professionals to:

  • Remove walkway trip-hazards or uneven surfaces
  • Wipe-out flaking paints and coatings 
  • Surface-Prep overlayments for lasting surface bonds
  • Groove or grind into surfaces 
  • Erase stripes without grooves or undulations. 
  • Eliminate water pooling and edge flow lines 
  • Abrade non-skids and increase surface traction.
  • Eradicate glues, surface marks and material build-ups 
  • Mill, Plane, Reduce, Route, Scabble, Cut, Clean and more . . .

To find an authorized SMITH Dealer, please click here.

Mention code “CutterSmithy” for a special first order discount.

Har-Tru and Clay Tennis Court Conditioner without Clay

The SMITH C3 Conditioners is a fast and easy way to create and maintain the most desirable clay court surface condition without clay.

Whether your courts are maintained by professional contractors or an in-house staff, the SMITH C3 Conditioners are the next-generation surface preparators, offering a long-term maintenance solution on your terms . . . daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

“This machine works! I perform complete maintenance on 6 clay courts at a private club in Georgia and this machine delivers everything promised.”

– Dennis Munroe

The SMITH C3, in one machine, gives you the flexibility to achieve different desired results, based on your court conditions in two simple steps.

Step 1: Simply evaluate your surface condition to determine if a light (0-1/8”), medium (1/8”-1/4”) or heavy (1/4”-1/2”) profile depth is desired.

Step 2: Set the depth-of-cut and walk the SMITH C3 machine over the surface to turn hard-packed clay to either (1) a light powdery soft condition, (2) a loose-top dressing material, or (3) anything in between, in minutes.

To order or for further details, please click here.

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