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Parking Spaces Erased in China

USA-made SMITH X3 Erasing Stripes in China 

parking lot lines

VTE can help you remove Parking Spaces, Roadway or Airport markings in China. VTE is the official SMITH reseller in China. They can demonstrate to you, the best way to permanently remove (erase) markings fast, easy and cost-effective.

If you have a need to remove stripes or prepare asphalt or concrete surfaces, please contact VTE for expert sales and service.

Recently, VTE has successfully demonstrated to government transportation officials in China the removal of parking stripes.   They successfully proved through their demonstrations that eradicating (erasing) stripes with a SMITH X-series rotary dry  eraser is far superior than any other method including water blasting.

The USA-made SMITH X3 Rotary Eraser was officially demonstrated with a common Bobcat skid loader and proceeded to remove thousands of parking lines in the city center. The state agency officials were very impressed that the markings were quickly removed without any grooving or ghosting damage to their road surfaces.

parking lot lines

In Quingdao, the specific city of the demonstration, their specifications call out for dry rotary erasing using a SMITH X3, X1, or LNX8 style planetary eraser. “A traditional scarifier will scar the surface, but the SMITH Erasers leave a smooth, bevel-edge finish with no ghost lines, grooves or surface micro-cracking.” as reported by VTE and Agency representatives.

parking lot line erased

If you are looking to remove striping in China, please contact VTE directly for USA-Made SMITH Manufacturing Equipment,  VTE is the official SMITH Representative and offers direct sales, service, and support.  VTE also has in stock SMITH machines, cutter drum assemblies and parts you need to remove stripes faster with best surface finishes.

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