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Partnering with SMITH

Partnering with SMITH to help make markings safer and last longer

Partnering with SMITH

SMITH looks forward to partnering with you to help make your surface-prep work faster and more reliable… so your coatings last longer.

Here’s what you may not know about SMITH:

Founded in 1990, SMITH is the world’s leading brand that builds quality surface-preparation equipment and cutters. Our goal is helping hard-working contractors achieve the right surface finish to finish their jobs faster.

SMITH is a company full of passionate people who love the products we create, and have the core values to deliver on our FASTER REMOVAL promise.

We are always looking for smart, talented and creative partners like you, who are solving interesting problems. Together, we can deliver the right products and services to help make our world sustainable and much safer for everyone to enjoy.

We invite you to discover more about SMITH. Let us know how we can help make the removal process faster and easier for you and your customers by contacting us today!

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