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Re: What is your opinion on the MUTCD Pavement Marking Removal Specifications?

pavement marking removal

Dear Fellow Striper,

We don’t think it’s fair that stripers are being held responsible for producing a quality stripe if they don’t have responsibility for the surface on which their stripe is being applied.

We believe the responsibility for surface prep needs to be better defined in contracts; in fact it should be separated from the striping contract as a paid line item, and not considered incidental to the contract. Because, what is paid for and inspected will get done!

We are on a mission to get pavement-marking specifications amended to help make the hard work of removal – that no one wants to do – a little easier, a little faster, and a little more reliable, so the work gets done properly and stripers get paid for the hard work they have been giving away for years.

We have developed a new method to measure the effectiveness of preparing surfaces for successfully installing new pavement markings and removing markings that meet MUTCD guidelines that will directly benefit stripers, material suppliers, engineers, and the public.

Click here for the benefits of surface profiling prior to striping, and here for the striper’s “Pavement Marking Removal” tool kit, one of our initiatives to help stripers win more bids, assure stripes last longer, satisfy the engineer, and improve your bottom line. Click here for the new pavement marking removal specification.

Let us know your opinion regarding strengthening our initiative to help create more job opportunities for you, and to help make surfaces safer and longer-lasting for everyone.

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