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Reason to SMITH

Reason #1 to SMITH


There are many reasons companies should buy and specify a SMITH brand:

Contractors that SMITH know they have an easier and faster removal solution to their hardest surface preparation problems. SMITHing is the right removal equipmentcutter tool and removal process that helps hard-working contractors achieve their removal objectives faster, easier, safer and more cost effectively, with better surface finishes.

Reason to SMITH


SMITH Removal machine (FS, SPS and X Series) allows the operator to achieve best removal performance, due to its high-performance all-steel components, ergonomically engineering design functionality that assures the operator can maintain high quality removal standards (SP1 – SP10) with minimal work and effort over competing brands… and with lifetime warranties, it’s just another reason to SMITH!

profiles - reason to SMITH

SMITH equipment and cutters help you achieve all 10 standard surface profiles

SMITH ultra-premium cutter drum assembly (Carbide, Diamond and Steel) is built to last longer and cut more consistently to achieve consistent SP1 – SP10 finishes than competitive imported cutter brands.

SMITH Cutter Drum Assemblies

A SMITH removal process is applying the removal process in the cutter impact zone to achieve long-lasting, consistent removal finishes. Your SMITH Representatives can help you achieve safer and longer lasting surfaces by SMITHing and SMITH First initiatives.

SPS10 cutter impact zone

And since we have continuously improved all equipment and components since 1990, there are more SMITH machines and cutters working harder for their owners on concrete and asphalt surfaces than any other brand. What’s your reason to SMITH?

If you don’t own a SMITH, we can help improve the performance of your removal equipment. If you are new to SMITH, or a long-time SMITH user, your technical service account manager has expert knowledge of the work you are doing, and will assure you receive on-time delivery of product and information to help make your removal process faster, easier, safer and more cost effective.

Start SMITHing today! Contact your SMITH Representative for complete details.

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