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Xtreme Removal Team

Remove Faster Xtreme Removal TeamCreating jobs and lasting surfaces is the Xtreme Removal Team membership benefit.

If you believe “Quality Surfaces Start With Successful Surface Preparation,” consider joining the XRT, where members can share experiences, best practices, new technologies, technical assistance, online forums and savings.

Click here for details.


KISS to help you Remove Faster and Easier

Remove Faster KISS

Businesses like removal can get complex, which is great, actually! The problem is when complex becomes complicated with too many goals, too many priorities, too many meetings, TOO MANY IDEAS at once – that’s “complicated.” What happens next is inconsistent performance and follow-through prevents your business from accelerating.

Now, apply this to your surface-preparation work with the KISS method, (Keep It Simple – SMITH) to achieve consistent removal performance and follow-through. Simply click here for a free removal analysis to help make your removal responsibilities fast and easy… with a KISS.


Better Than iPhone 6

Remove Faster SMITH catalogThe new SMITH catalog, like the IKEA catalog featured in this 2-minute video, is a brilliant example of “newsjacking,” the huge publicity around the release of the iPhone 6.

I wish I had thought of this clever video to announce our catalog!

For your free SMITH catalogue, please click here.


Asking for Help, Helps You

Remove Faster helpSuccessful people ask for help, yet many people seem hardwired to NOT ask for help. Take 2 minutes to read this article by Camile Preston and pick one idea to implement immediately. I posted a sign that reminds me to “ask for help.”

And if you need help with your removal responsibilities, call your SMITH Representative. Whenever you face an opportunity or challenge, your first question should always be a “who” question (not “why”), such as “…who knows more than me and my team that can help?” Get help from SMITH here.


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