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SMITH Manufacturing – Remove Stripes Without Grooves

There are a variety of methods to remove road striping, painting, blasting and grinding. If your objective is to permanently remove markings safely – without a sharp-edge grooved mark that can appear as a ghost line (especially during wet conditions at night) –  then a rotary eraser removal method from SMITH Manufacturing is the answer.

Current Removal Methods

Covering up the prior markings with a paint that is the same color of the road is not a permanent solution; the cover-up doesn’t perform in all ambient conditions, and quickly wears off. Sand- and shot-blasting are not effective when the markings are thick or made of a softer compound.

Water-blasting only works when the surface is sealed or very hard, since softer surfaces and asphalt sand and binder will get washed out from the water’s high pressure.

The term “grinder” is an incorrectly used term when used to describe  all mechanical eradicators. Vertical-edge flailing cutter drum scarification machines – commonly known as Grinders – leave a sharp-edged coarse finish, and are best suited for surface preparation prior to striping.

The rotary-style eradicators (known as Erasers) leave a bevel-edge rather than sharp edge finish due to the scraping-and-rolling polishing action of the planetary cutters, which can be set in a variety of angles to match the pavement surface.

What Removal Method is Best?

Depending upon the surface and material to be removed, a combination of rotary, scarification, scraping and blasting machines may be best suited:

  1. Thermoplastic and thick film durable systems remove best using rotary erasing systems
  2. Any removal on asphalt looks best using a rotary eraser
  3. On concrete surfaces, the use of rotary erasing prior to water-blasting to reduce thick coatings of paint, tapes and thermoplastic will reduce the time and cost of the final water-blast application on concrete surfaces.
  4. Thin water- or oil-based paints on undulated surfaces may come up faster with drum-style scarification machines, and any grooving or paint cleanup can be removed using a rotary eraser.

Equipment Selection

If you select a rotary-style machine, the X-Series includes models include the  SMITH LNX8, SMITH X1 and SMITH X3 Rotary Erasers designed to remove markings without grooves, ghost lines, undulations and undermining of the pavement surface.

The LNX8 is best-suited for a single operator to manage small to medium-size stripe-removal jobs in parking lots and intersections. Larger jobs may require using the skid-steer-attachment X1 with its single rotary head, or the triple-rotary-head X3.

All X-Series machines use up up to six styles of eraser tools to remove thin to  thick film markings, and leave the surface in a natural, no-groove dust- and debris-free condition (when used with a vacuum system). The X3 offers three times the cutters, and is available with an optional gas engine for mounting to truck frames. The SMITH X3 removes up to 24″ wide by simply rotating the machine from inline to offset removal configuration.

The learn more if the X Series is right for you, please check out these links:

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• Equipment Specification (PDF)

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LNX8 Road Marking Removal

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DOT Presentation on Removing Road Striping without Grooving, Ghosting or Undulations

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