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Removing Markings Without Grooves

Removing Markings Without Grooves
removing markings

When removing markings from asphalt or concrete, it is important to do the job without leaving deep scars that can confuse drivers. This is true especially at night, and even more so when the grooves are filled with water. At this point, public safety is now possibly compromised.


removing markings

What you want to do is remove the markings without scarring the surface. The pavement should be left in a clean, dry, profiled condition that blends in with the surrounding road. Then, new markings are easy to see, and old markings are gone without a trace.

The fastest and easiest way to remove markings without harming the surface is by using a dry rotary eraser, such as the SMITH X1, SMITH X3, and the SMITH LNX8 Dry Rotary Erasers. There are no “ghost lines,” and the surface is left intact and ready for new striping material.


When removing pavement markings, get rid of the stripe, not the road. Find out more about the SMITH X-Series Dry Rotary Erasers today!

Please read more about marking removal here.

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