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Road Markings: Do you want Fast or Forever?

road markings

When roadways are properly prepared through the SMITHing process, any road markings installed on the surface will last longer. The challenge: proper surface preparation practices take time and cost money. The question: is it worth it?

Well, do you want a fast application, or do you want one that will last forever?

Lets look at the facts:

Every time a roadway is closed for re-marking, the chance of a crash or fatality rises ten-fold. Every time a stripe has failed to perform its duty, the chance of a driver leaving their lane at night, or in rainy conditions, rises ten-fold. DOT state and local agencies invest in durable markings that last up to 25 times longer than painted markings, because they know the costs related to unmarked or inadequately marked surfaces causing traffic injuries and fatalities.

The cost of thermoplastic markings are up to five times more than traffic paint. These costs are justified, provided the markings remain in place for its entire engineered life. However, one of the leading contributing factors to reduced service life is poor condition of the pavement surface when the stripe is applied. Road surfaces can fail for a variety of reasons, and must be corrected prior to striping. Lack of funding, time restrictions, and inadequate specifications are the reasons why surfaces are not properly prepared, so road markings prematurely fail.

Simply adding up to 5¢ more per square foot of road markings (which includes the added time to get the surface properly prepared so the more-costly durable markings can properly anchor for a permanent application) is the answer. Spending a little more now will save more lives – and funding – in the future, since the durable road markings will last their entire engineered life, or even the life of the pavement surface in many situations.

Here’s how we can do it:

First, use these specifications to get the surfaces in proper condition through a simple SMITHing process, which is the highest level of surface-preparation readiness. The surfaces are cleaned, dried, profiled, and made sound through a mechanical method. To assure that surfaces are prepared properly requires detailed specifications written independently from the application portion of the contract (as a separate, paid line item). If it is not specified this way, the surface-preparation portion will not be completed properly, because of the time and expense required to do the job properly. Surface-prep specifications and installation compliance will cause jobs to take a little longer to assure the prep is done right to get the installations to last, but is well worth it in the long run.

Although we can’t have fast and forever when it comes to safety infrastructures, it is a considerably better alternative when it comes to saving lives.

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