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Scarifying vs. Erasing

Removing Traffic Markings? Here is the Difference Between Scarifying vs. Erasing

When pavement markings are removed with a traditional grinder or scarifier, the surface is left with deep pavement scars:

Scarifier Drum


scarifier on asphalt scarifier on asphalt


However, using the SMITH LNX8 Eraser will only leave a smooth, bevel-edge smooth finish that removes the stripe, not the road:

Rotary Eraser


SMITH eraser on asphalt SMITH eraser on asphalt
May 24, 2014 – Las Olas Boulevard and S.E. 1st Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL

When it comes to scarifying vs. erasing, discover how you can get a waterblast-like finish without the high costs associated with waterblasting.

Plus, SMITH Rotary Erasers will not damage the road or substrate, unlike waterblasters.

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