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shaping up your company

Here are 4 Keys to Shaping Your Company Up… Plus a Bonus: Getting a Flatter Floor

shaping up

Shaping Up Your Company is Good for Your Bottom Line

Hiring Idea
One of the biggest issues companies face is finding enough qualified job applicants to fill their requirements. One fast-growing striping company needed to lure workers who were physically fit enough for their striping and removal business so they posted ads in local health clubs asking, “How would you like to be paid for working out?” The fliers cost only pennies, and the owner found plenty of eager candidates.

Valuing Accountants
Most companies undervalue – and understaff – their finance departments, viewing it as a necessary evil to keep the tax collectors at bay, issue and pay invoices, and provide monthly accounting statements. Big mistake! Hire a sophisticated professional who can gather the granular data you need to see where you’re making money by product, customer, location, or salesperson. It’s the quickest way to double profits and cash flow in a year.

Teach your people well
If you want the company to grow by a factor of 10, you need 10 times the leadership skills among your key people. They’ll need to excel at predicting where the market is heading, communicating the company’s values, goals, and priorities – and delegating successfully to their teams. Give them time away from the fray to attend the conferences, classes, and seminars they need to make a bigger contribution, so you don’t have to pay for their on-the-job mistakes.

Invest in Systems
Fast-growing firms need to upgrade their infrastructure at three critical points, or their teams will get lost in inefficiency: At 10 employees, you need a better phone system; at 50, sophisticated accounting software; and at 350, a single database that links all key information, so a simple change of address by a customer doesn’t trigger a cascade of mistakes. Procrastinating on this will kill your growth, and your most aggressive competitors made these changes last year.

BONUS: Flatter Floors by SMITHing
A flooring company found a faster and easier way to get their customer’s grocery store floors flatter. Instead of using a scarifier, they use a SMITH FS351 Shaver to level the surface without microcracking the concrete substrate.

For years, this flooring company used a walk-behind scarifier to reduce high spots on surfaces, resulting in uneven results and worker fatigue. Then they saw a competitor using a SMITH self-propelled diamond shaver to flatten their floors with exceptional results, and without any extra effort from the operator.

They quickly jumped on a plane and flew to SMITH to purchase a propane powered model for their operations. Today are leveling floors with more profits and less time than previously estimated.

Click here for more information on the SMITH FS351.



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