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Toss Your Shotblaster

Toss Your Shotblaster and Prepare Concrete Floors with a Scarifier


If you are using a shotblaster and not your scarifier to prepare your concrete floors, you are missing opportunities to earn more on every job.

Your concrete scarifier cutter drums can be outfitted with a variety of cutters and set-up arrays to achieve consistent SP4 – SP10 surface profiles. Instead of using a shotblaster for a brush-blast SP4 profile, outfit your drum with Flail-it cutters with a fine offset-up pattern (without spacers between each cutter). Operate in the Cutter Impact Zone, and direct your scarifier in the opposite direction of your drum rotation for an up-cut.  For example, most scarifiers rotate with a down-cut rotation, so you’ll want to direct your equipment in the opposite travel direction – that is, backwards.

Always remove with a consistent pattern in very long passes at the same depths – and not in short back-and-forth patterns; this motion and its corresponding cut-depth changes during removal will give you an inconsistent pattern.   When removing in the Cutter Impact Zone, only the cutter tips are striking the surface at a consistent pace and depth.  Determine the right pace, depth and cut pattern during the dial-in process.  It is very important to only go as deep as to not allow the equipment to bounce, or have the cutters impact below the carbide tip.

After completing each pass, continue at the same depth until the entire section is prepared, then dial down at a deeper depth and repeat the process. Use the SP profile chart to confirm the surface texture, and record in a job log, with sign-offs from the job supervisor and inspector. When everyone agrees with the profile, continue operating at the same depth and speeds until the job is complete.

Using your scarifier with the right cutters, set-up pattern, cut depth, and cut direction will provide a consistent finish rivaling any shot-blaster. In addition to big savings in maintenance costs, using your scarifier will allow the surface pores to open, allowing any surface overlays or coatings to mechanically bond.

For more details on how to earn more with your scarifier, contact your SMITH Representative.

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