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Sidewalk Maintenance Made Easy with the SMITH SPS10 AES


Sidewalk Maintenance Made Easy with the SMITH SPS10 AES

Sidewalk maintenance is hard work, to say the least. However, SMITH has the tools needed that provide ease and consistency from the start of the job all the way to the end.

The SMITH SPS10 AES (Automatic Engagement System). It’s truly a game-changing innovation.

With the AES, a simple push of a button raises and lowers the cutters to the same preset depth every single time. No more guesswork, no more inconsistent surfaces. That means less work, and less hassle.

In the city of Jupiter (FL), using the SMITH SPS10 AES has doubled their production capabilities. This helps to reduce costs and worker fatigue, and leaves a level, non-slip surface:

Having a preset depth with the SMITH AES means you can consistently achieve the desired surface profile for the job with each and every pass with just a push of a button. Add the SMITH HV5500 HEPA vacuum and the SMITH SR25 sulky driver for a complete, affordable sidewalk-grinding system that makes a hard job easier.

The SMITH AES system on the SPS10

The SMITH SPS10 AES with the SR25 Sulky Driver

Get the facts about the SPS10, SR25 and HV5500 by clicking these links:

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SMITH HV5500 HEPA Vacuum data sheet
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For more information on the revolutionary new SMITH AES system, or any other SMITH product, please contact your SMITH representative.

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