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SMITH Core Values

Core Values at SMITH

Great companies are defined by their great people. Every great company, from Apple, Amazon and Disney to Coke and Starbucks, was built just like ours: with a dream, in a garage, with great people. They hired people – men and women with the right core values – to help them build a company that everyone from employees and customers to vendors, partners and shareholders would admire.

There is no real magic to being a great company. Deep down, they all have a collection of people who share their core values; people who are what we call the “Right People” for them.

We understand that Core Values are just plaques on a wall for many organizations. We are not that kind of company. At SMITH, we have defined 5 Core Values that describe what the “Right People” look like for our company:


A SMITH employee is truly passionate, meaning we truly love what we do, and endeavor to be the very best at helping our customers and our fellow SMITH employees succeed, even when no one is watching, or may ever even know what we did.

Team Oriented

A SMITH employee is an appreciative and helpful team player who treats everyone with respect, and knows that as a member of the SMITH team, we will achieve more by working together.

Strong Work Ethic

A SMITH employee has a strong work ethic, a sense of urgency, and perseveres to get things done right and on time.


A SMITH employee demonstrates personal responsibility with a can-do attitude by showing up on time, doing what they say they will do, and paying attention to the little details that make a big difference, while always holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

Solutions Oriented

A SMITH employee is solutions oriented, meaning we are a helpful resource to our teammates and customers, as well as being innovative and inquisitive in how we can make the hard removal work faster and easier. Our thirst for knowledge and a non-stop motor is why our customers seek us out, and continue to come back.

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